4 Kitchen Island Design Ideas!

Design Ideas for Kitchen Islands

A cooktop in a kitchen island creates another work space in your kitchen.

A kitchen island can serve many different purposes, with the very best combining style with performance. Here are 4 design ideas to consider as you create your own kitchen island:

The Kitchen Island as a basic work space – per NKBA guidelines, 36” is all you need to create a basic kitchen island work space that allows for food and other prep activities. Concerned about space? Put your kitchen island on wheels to move in and out when needed.

The Kitchen Island as cooking center – size matters if your kitchen island is going to be your cooking center. You must have enough space for your cooking appliance as well as countertop work space (sides AND behind) and storage (pots, pans & cooking utensils). Also to consider? Ventilation, lighting, a second sink and/or dishwasher.

The Kitchen Island as dining area – do you envision a kitchen island for dining and gathering? By allowing a minimum of 24” of space per person, your kitchen island can be a cozy grouping of family and friends. Knee space will vary depending on chair height from 18-19” for standard height chairs (can accommodate wheels chairs too as needed) to 12” for bar stools and higher seating.

The Kitchen Island as kitchen focal point – make a statement in style, color and more with your kitchen island design. Whether it is furniture looking pieces, detailed moldings and panels, varying countertops heights, open shelving or other design elements, your kitchen island can be the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Which Kitchen Island is right for your space and needs? Consider all of these options and even how you might combine a few of these ideas as you create your own kitchen island.

This post was developed using content from the article “Navigating Today’s New Kitchen Islands” by David Newton, CMKBD from Qualified Remodeler Magazine, March 2013.

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