Great Bath Ideas - Better Lighting in Your Bathroom

Bathroom Design Trends in Lighting

The right bathroom lighting brings your space to light!

With bathroom lighting it is always key to have multiple layers of light. But where people need it most is at the vanity. According to Denise Pons, Designer and Lighting Specialist for Reico Kitchen & Bath in Williamsburg, VA, setting lights roughly 80” from the floor is an ideal height to accentuate the person standing at the vanity. Pons also recommends that Wall Sconces, very popular right now, should be at about 66” from the floor and approximately 3’ apart as they tend to be more for ambiance in the bathroom.

Another idea to consider is adding recessed lights over the vanity. “Placement is critical when considering adding recessed lights over the vanity”, say Pons. “You want to create the most optimal use of light for getting ready in the mirror and must be very careful to not create a “shadow effect” over the head of the user.” She typically recommends two 4” recessed lights over a vanity sink but that can always vary based on the available space and design of the bathroom.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to add dimmers! Here are 3 reasons Pons recommends:

  • they save energy…and you spend less on lighting costs
  • they add ambiance…and can be a great night light for kids
  • they can function as both task and ambient lighting depending on your needs at that time

Have you seen the light? Consider all of these bath ideas for lighting as you look to remodel any bathroom in your home.

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