Small Kitchens - Ideas & Remodeling Tips

Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Executive Cabinetry Vogue in Horizontal Bamboo with Natural Finish

Even a small kitchen can be transformed into a better space, both in form and function. Don’t let size stop you from reinventing your small kitchen into something you really enjoy.

The first steps you take to remodeling a small kitchen are not unlike what you would do with any size kitchen. Start by determining a budget. An advantage to a small kitchen size can often be the need for fewer materials – less cabinets and countertop space most notably.

Once you have determined a budget, make your appliance selections first before starting any part of the design process. Space must be a bigger consideration when selecting appliances for a small kitchen. A pro-sized range may not be the best use of the kitchen space you have. A great idea for small kitchens is to combine appliance where possible to maximize use of space. Convection/Microwave ovens or microwaves with built-in ventilation are just 2 examples of how you can do that.

As you consider the placement of these appliances in the design phase, consider these critical design requirements:

  • Ranges should have at least 12” on each side, with one of those sides being 15” or more
  • In shared landing spaces for appliances, 12” of countertop should be added for proper spacing and usage
  • Landing areas next to Refrigerators should be at least 15” on either side of handles

Small kitchens typically are galley style, with cabinets and walls running parallel to one another or one wall of cabinetry parallel to an island or peninsula run of cabinets. Consider traffic flow through your space and be mindful of how much space you are allowing in the work aisles of your kitchen. Allow for 42” for a single cook and 48” for two cooks to work simultaneously if possible. Anything narrow and you run the risk of unintended dancing with others in your work space.

A small kitchen can be transformed with the right planning, material selection and design. Your ideas are just as if not more important in a small kitchen as you try to determine the best possible combination to make “big” use of your space!

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