3 keys to designing the perfect kitchen focal point

Kitchen Focal Point - Adding Glass Doors

Glass lets you see in...and in some cases, see through!

A good kitchen focal point will draw anyone into a kitchen's space, from family and friends to yourself, making everyone feel comfortable, content and even a little curious as they focus on certain spots, trying to figure out the "story" of the kitchen. There are plenty of great kitchen design ideas that can help you create the perfect kitchen focal point. Here are 3 ideas to consider when creating your own kitchen focal point:

Harmony over “look at me, look at me” - while we want our kitchen focal point to make a statement, we also want it to fit in with the entire look and feel of the kitchen. We don’t want to our focal point to be the kid with his hand up screaming "look at me, look at me!". A good kitchen focal point will stimulate interest not just for it’s uniqueness but also for how seamlessly it blends into the entire space.

Every side must be your “good side” - a good kitchen focal point will be visible and offer looks from multiple perspectives in the kitchen. Whether it is a decorative hood with detailing on all 3 sides or a thoughtfully designed kitchen island with multiple heights, decorative panels and storage, you will appreciate it from many different angles and views.

Sometimes you can just “see right through” things – using glass will invite you and others to take a look beyond the surface and into the beauty inside the space. The inside could mean many things, from special personal items to a different colored interior or even a look through a second set of glass doors into the beauty of the outdoors or other setting.

In some cases it is possible to combine all of these kitchen focal point ideas into a kitchen depending on its size and shape. But often times just having one is enough. Consider each of these keys when you look to create your own kitchen focal point.

By Jim Grace

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