4 small bathroom design ideas to make your bath feel bigger

Bathroom Design Ideas

Does your bathroom feel like it is shrinking? For many of us, we feel confined to a small bathroom design that has limited options for expanding. Here are 4 bathroom design ideas to make any bathroom feel “bigger”:

• Go “Big” on simplicity – don’t overwhelm your limited space with too much detail

• Go “Big" on storage – use vanity cabinets with drawers instead of doors only

• Go “Big” in the shower – replace solid walls or curtains with glass to make the space feel bigger

• Go “Big” on the wall – mirrors can make space feel bigger and trim or a beveled edge gives it a finished look

While not really big ideas, these small bathroom design tips can have a big impact on the look and feel of your space.

This post was developed using content from the article “Smart and Savvy Small Baths” by Kim Berndtson, Kitchen & Bath Design News, October 2013.

By Jim Grace

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