3 reasons why LED’s “light ‘em up” like no other in kitchen lighting

Fall Out Boy’s song “Light Em Up” could truly be considered the theme song for LED lighting, which is currently lighting it up as the choice for kitchens and many other parts of the home. And there are no signs of the trend towards LED lighting slowing down on any fronts. In a recent Forbes.com article by Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Todd Manegold of Philips is quoted saying that he sees the LED industry continuing to make progress, and that there are two trends we will see: First, we will see LED bulbs get even more cost effective, and within 5 years we may see price parity with compact fluorescents. This is important to know because LED lighting is on the more expensive end of kitchen lighting. While its lifespan is a huge improvement, the initial cost can create a bit of sticker shock not unlike buying a pair of concert tickets (though we guarantee you the LED’s will last longer than the concert!).

LED lighting lights em up

Too often, lighting for a kitchen is one of the last things selected or is delayed until after the main part of the project is completed. What many don’t realize is that lighting has a dramatic effect on the appearance of the kitchen and not taking that into account can have a huge impact on how your kitchen looks and how well you can perform in it. What’s the point of going to a concert if you can’t even see the band?

Good lighting is essential to the kitchen, creating a focus whether you are on the outside looking in or on the inside working. So, just why has LED become the “rock star” of lighting for kitchens? Here are 3 reasons why it is clear to see how LED has become the hottest ticket in kitchen lighting:

LED’s last. In some cases you see LED’s last for up to 50,000 hours (that’s roughly 6 years straight if you left them on all day).

LED’s offer a variety of light. Not only does the lighting do a much better job than fluorescent, their slim, flexible offering fits just about anywhere, providing you with traditional lighting options as well as options for under cabinets, inside cabinets and more. By combining a variety of lighting styles, you can create the necessary layers of light need to properly illuminate your kitchen. TIP: look for LED’s classified as “daylight”.

LED’s stay cool. In the past when placing lights inside of or underneath cabinets, there was always the fear of how hot the fixture or contained space would get. Today’s LED’s run cool and lower the temperature on concerns that other lighting sources like halogen create.

Lighting is a critical element to any design, be it the kitchen, bath or any space of the home. And LED lighting is finding its way into other areas as well as part of showerheads, faucets and other elements of the home. Sony just announced that they put a Bluetooth speaker in an LED light bulb (cue Fall Out Boy theme song). Don’t miss your chance to “light em up” in the kitchen and throughout your entire home!

By Jim Grace

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