Transitional is everywhere in kitchens…and in soccer. Just ask the USWNT.

We all were captivated by it. The U.S. Women’s National Team World Cup winning performance captured our interest, our enthusiasm and eventually our hearts with a thrilling championship final win over Japan 5-2. And they did it with style, with each game and performance building on the previous to peak at just the right time. They did it in transition as well, as veterans like Abby Wambach, Christine Rampone and Shannon Boex accepted lesser roles on the team they love and led to allow the Carli Lloyd’s, Alex Morgan’s and Morgan Brien’s their turns.

Transitional in kitchens and soccer.  More alike then you would think.

In many ways, transitional design is very similar. Consider the range of influences. In soccer it is most often a combination of veterans and youth. In kitchens, its traditional style (the “veteran”) paired with modern or contemporary influences (the “youth”). Just like Wambach and the others, traditional takes on less of a role in the kitchen to accommodate its’ modern counterpart. And there is no arguing its’ popularity. Over the last 10 years, the transitional style has exploded into kitchens.

Just how much of an influence though varies and is heavily subjective to the coach, or in the case of kitchen design, the client. For the client, it is as simple as asking yourself the question of whether you are more modern or more traditional and then taking cues from there. The reality is that it works well in almost every style home, and can work in more ways than one. It can be more traditional with a modern influence or more of a modern design with traditional influences. What does that mean exactly? In its’ simplest form, its’ heavy on clean, simple lines combined with the style and history of more traditional design elements. By combining styles of past and present, you create the current style for your kitchen.

The U.S. Women’s National Team created their style (Taylor Swift even sang about it!). Now it’s your turn. And while I would not put one of them to work in the kitchen, I would gladly welcome them all over and cook whatever they want. For all they’ve done, they’ve earned it.

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