How to Create Effective Bathroom Storage in a Small Space

How to Create Effective Storage in a Small Bathroom

Along with the kitchen and bedrooms, bathrooms get credit as well for being one of the most-used spaces in a home. Water closets may not be glamorous but their utility is high. That should be just the inspiration you need to create a beautiful new bathroom.

One of the things that makes a difference between a great bathroom and its difficult-to-use counterpart is storage and the allocation of space. You need enough room to turn around, hang towels, brush your teeth comfortably, step from the shower without bruising something. And you definitely don’t want to feel crowded when you’re on the throne. This isn’t an airplane, folks; knees should have freedom.

Even though space is at a premium, you still need a place to store towels, TP, toiletries and other bathroom supplies. So the question becomes … how? How do you create effective bathroom space, even in a small bathroom? Here are a few tips.

Recess Your Cabinets

Cabinets take up a lot of space, so wouldn’t you rather they were taking up space in your wall rather than in the precious square footage of your bathroom itself? Recessed cabinets can do the trick. Flush against the wall from the outside but deep on the inside, when it works they give you more storage in less space.

Place Shelves Closer Together

You’d be amazed at the amount of space wasted due to shelf spacing. Think about it: If your shelves are a foot apart but your toiletries are on average 6 inches high, you’re wasting half a foot. Consider placing some shelves only 6-7 inches apart, then storing toilet paper and short toiletries on that shelf. You can place taller toiletries (hairspray, shaving cream) on a taller shelf with a stack of towels. The best bet is to place shorter shelves on top, where you can see into narrow spaces more easily, and larger shelves on the bottom. 

Compartmentalize the Space Under the Sink

One giant space under the sink doesn’t make the most of your space. A better bet is to add shelving or drawers to the cabinet where possible. Drawers really help; you can easily pull them out for access to your goods without tweaking your back. You can also further divide the shelves with caddies and other organizational products to create even more bathroom storage.

Install a Corner Sink

In small bathrooms – and really, bathrooms of any size – corners often get wasted. You can’t put much in them aside from a plunger or one of those tall toilet paper storage pieces. Instead, make much better use of this nook by installing a corner sink. That way, you free up the wasted square footage that typically surrounds pedestal sinks. You can build cabinets off the side of the sink or place them underneath. Either way, ditch the pedestal … and gain the storage.

Mount Towel Bars on Other Structures

If you want to fit more storage into your bathroom, you need to free up wall space on which to hang cabinets. Mount towel bars and hooks on the backs of doors or the sides of cabinets to maximize available bathroom storage.

If you want to create a convenient and clutter-free bathroom, start with the above steps. Speak to your designer about incorporating them, and ask if they have any ideas of their own that might make better use of your individual space. Get in touch with Reico to learn more about remodeling your bathroom and increasing bathroom storage today.

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