Floor It: How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Floor

You walk all over it every day but might not give it a second thought: your bathroom floor. But there’s little about your bathroom that ties it all together like the floor you’ve chosen. Is it looking a little worse for the wear? 

Choosing bathroom flooring can give your bathroom an instant makeover. Don’t dial it in when it comes to the look of your bathroom. Tile it in.


Color Scheme

Before you do anything else, consider the color scheme of your bathroom. If you’ve already got one in place, perfect. Match your tiles according to the rest of the bathroom. If you’re going for a complete overhaul, choosing light colored tiles is an easy way to start building up a color palette. Once you’ve chosen them, you can add pops of color by selecting accent tiles that can be added throughout the floor or clustered at the foot of the toilet or vanity.


Tile Size

A fairly standard size for tile is 12x24. But the rule of thumb is that the bigger your tile is, the larger your space appears. Subway tiles are a classic choice that will make your bathroom seem timeless. Choosing a few different tile sizes has also become increasingly popular to add texture to the style of your bathroom. Try to limit it to no more than three different styles to prevent the look from becoming too cluttered, though.


Keep it On Trend

Never ignore the trends when you’re finding inspiration for how you want your bathroom to look. Flooring trends can help point you to ideas that you may never have thought of before, and let you know what other people are doing with their bathrooms. You’ll also have the most up to date area possible. 


Other Options to Consider

When you’re done deciding what your bathroom floor makeover is going to look like, you can take the luxury to the next step. Heated bathroom floors are not an expensive item to add to your bathroom, but they can make it immensely more enjoyable to use. When you step out of the shower or bath, you don’t have to be met with icy tiles if you get your floor heated. 

You can also add a rug to your space to offset the tile with a texture. If you’re looking to make your bathroom feel extra cozy, a matching rug can do the trick and also help dry off your feet in the meantime. Make sure it’s a mildew-resistant material because it will likely be getting wet.

Thinking that now is as good of a time as any to get your bathroom floor, or maybe even your entire bathroom, redone? You’re right. Reico Kitchen & Bath will give you the best experience remodeling anything that you’ve ever had. That bathroom and any other project you’ve been meaning to get done around the house just got a lot easier with our help. Call and schedule a consultation to see what your options are.


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