How to Create a Focal Point During Your Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel

Every room needs a focal point. It’s something you might not actually think about, but you know pulls a room together. When you walk into a room and say, “wow,” that’s when you know a room has been carefully planned.


When you’re redesigning your kitchen or your bathroom, you won’t want to leave out a focal point. There should be a key design element that pulls your whole room together. Once you’ve found a place for the eyes to settle, the rest of the room will fall into place.


Let Lighting Help

Great lighting is a key element of any great focal point. The impact of a well-placed lighting fixture is often overlooked. Add a lamp or a chandelier to the area you want people to notice when they first walk into the room.


A room full of textures and different materials might be distracting to the eye. But a well-lit area immediately draws attention to where you want people to look. The eye will naturally gravitate toward a chandelier or a lamp. Bright lighting is especially good for situations where your room doesn’t have a natural focal point, because you can create that focal point for yourself.


Add a Backsplash

This goes for either your kitchen or your bathroom. A bold backsplash will immediately grab your attention when you walk into a room. It’s a very inviting decorative element that pulls the eye in and allows you to build out from it. 


When you’re creating your backsplash, you can be as bold with color as you like. But make sure that there are hues that match the backsplash present throughout your whole kitchen or bathroom so the entire area looks put together.


Accent Countertops

Another natural place for the eye to get drawn to is the countertop. It’s arguably the most used area of a kitchen or even a bathroom, and a natural gathering place. If you have a kitchen island, adding a statement countertop can be a no-brainer way to create a focal point that brings the room together. Consider different colors of marbles or even a wooden slab for the material for your counters.


Existing Focal Points

If you have a natural focal point in your home, you may just need to accent the area around it to bring out what already exists. For example, if your kitchen or bathroom have windows that open to a great view, that can be the focal point that you focus on. Add lighting around the areas to create a more eye-drawing accent. Perhaps you have a home that already came with an exposed brick wall - a textured wall is a great focal point, and you can decorate the area with complimentary accents to bring it to life.


At Reico Kitchen & Bath, we have strong feelings about what every kitchen and bathroom needs right when we see it. We’re here to listen to you and consult with you though to make sure you feel good about the kitchen or bathroom design that you’ve always wanted in your home. Let everyone know all the thought and care you put into your redesign when we help you along with the process.

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