Designing – a collaborative part of the kitchen remodeling process

Once product decisions have been made, the kitchen designing process will begin. Using measurements from the client or ones taken by your designer, your new space will start to come together with the products you’ve selected.

We want to create a kitchen design that works and that offers the most cost-effective ways to meet your needs. Based on our recommendations, you can decide if that meets your needs or if you want to expand or improve on.

This may be where you consider additional details as the design comes together such as moldings, cabinet storage accessories, drawer storage and other options that can make your kitchen both functional and beautiful. We will also start talking about options for countertops to tie everything in your space together (read Countertop Basics – What You Need to Know). You may discover along the way that adding a second cabinet finish and countertop material and color is the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen.

The kitchen design is a collaborative process. You are the one who will be using your kitchen every day, so it is important to ask questions, share your input and understand every decision. We need to listen, take good notes and ask more questions to create your new space. The more we collaborate on it, the more your final design will be exactly what you want it to be.

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