• We LOVE thinking about a new kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and a stylish grey or white finished cabinet for a trendy and lasting kitchen style and space. What we don’t love – thinking about what kitchen remodeling costs. But with the right planning and considering, you can manage your project and your kitchen remodeling costs. Here are 3 questions to consider together at the start to help shape the kitchen remodeling costs for your project.

    Kitchen Remodeling Costs

    How long do you intend to be in the home?

    Your kitchen remodeling costs should be impacted by how long you plan to be in your home. If you are planning to stay in your home, you may see this as an opportunity to create your dream kitchen which will have a definite impact on your kitchen remodeling costs. If only a few years or you are readying to sell, you should be more conservative with your project to keep kitchen remodeling costs down. This could be as simple as replacing a countertop, changing our hardware or putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls (or even cabinets). Depending on the home’s age and your desire to increase its’ marketability, you may need to go all in for cabinets, countertops, appliances and more. While this may increase your kitchen remodeling costs, it is often the difference between selling your home or not.

    How much do you plan to spend?

    The dreaded budget question but one that must be answered early to help establish what your kitchen remodeling costs will be. You can google “kitchen remodeling costs” and get a wide variety of answer, from 5-10% of the value of your home or more. Remodeling Magazine has a helpful resource that shows average project remodeling costs in most metro markets to get an idea of what kitchen remodeling costs are in your area, even breaking it down by major or minor kitchen remodeling. You can also use Reico’s own kitchen estimator tool to get a ballpark range of kitchen remodeling costs for cabinets, countertops and appliances based on the size of your kitchen. And no matter what number you settle on, plan for unexpected costs as well along the way. There is always something…whether it is lurking behind those cabinets, floors and walls (bad) or is just that one thing you fall in love with and must have for your new kitchen (good).

    What’s in the scope of your project?

    To get a better handle on your kitchen remodeling costs, determine what’s going to be included. Consider all the options: cabinets, countertops, appliances, hardware, sink, faucet, tile backsplash, flooring, lighting, painting…even things such as new kitchen table, chairs or stools as current items don’t match up to your newly remodeled space. You can really get on a roll as you get excited, and all of sudden your kitchen remodeling costs have increased as you have increased the scope. Want or need? Now or later? Must have or just a wish? It is helpful to understand all the possible costs to help you make your decisions. A new sink and faucet is pretty much a must when you do the countertop but maybe a tile backsplash can be added later.

    By considering these 3 questions together, you can do a lot to shape what your own kitchen remodeling costs will be. Do your research, ask questions and get professional help to make the best decisions on the design, products and costs of your own kitchen remodel.

    By Jim Grace

  • When it comes to our drawers we all tend to be a little private, don’t we? It’s not exactly the type of thing we just want everyone (or anyone) to see. But when it comes to our kitchen drawers, the options and functionality have expanded way beyond a simple cabinet drawer.

    In addition to the near endless variety of kitchen cabinet accessories you can add to cabinet drawers, drawer appliances continue to nudge their way into the kitchen and the entire home. These stylish point-of-use solutions offer sleek design and simple convenience that fits in with the lifestyles of the users.

    Warming Drawer 

    Here are 3 kitchen drawer appliances to consider for your next kitchen remodel, or any remodel where cabinets are being considered:

    Warming Drawer Appliances – whether it is your own busy life or a family on the go coming home at all hours from soccer practices, band concerts and varied work schedules, a warming drawer appliance allows you to enjoy food the way it was intended to be service. It can also warm plates, slow roast vegetables or meats and even proof bread. Want more? Put one in your master bath to warm up towels and robes.

    Refrigerator Drawer Appliances – when you desire very precise refrigeration for specific foods or beverages, refrigerator drawer appliances can be a better option that full size refrigerators. It may allow for a more standard full size refrigerator in the kitchen with refrigerator drawer appliances designed strategically in the kitchen and beyond into bar areas, fitness rooms, coffee nooks and more.

    Dishwasher Drawer Appliances – with comparable capacity and the potential for energy savings, dishwasher drawer appliances can be a great solution when your dishwasher needs are less frequent or you need the space in a smaller kitchen. Water and energy consumption is typically less by drawer, making for a more environmentally friendly resource. Check dimensions though and make sure your dinner plates will fit in it properly.

    With easier to reach controls and clean lines, there is nothing “cheeky” about these drawers no matter where you might find them! All of these drawer options offer space-saving convenience that works in the kitchen and throughout the home.

    By Jim Grace

  • It seems like everyone is feeling a little deflated these days. Maybe it’s the weather. Or maybe it’s struggling with aggressive New Year’s resolutions. If you are the Indianapolis Colts, you may be feeling especially deflated in light of the current “Deflategate” situation that the New England Patriots created.

    Many of us though are just deflated over the current state of our kitchen. It’s like someone just let the air out of our ball and we are stuck with something flat and not terribly enjoyable. And with winter limiting what we can do this time of year, the best chance to get outside may be by getting inside…a home show that is!

    Get ideas at a Home & Remodeling show

    Come visit us in Booth 715!

    What better way to start the year, thinking about rooms you spend the majority of your awake time in. Nobody watches the Pro Bowl…or the NHL All-Star game. March Madness is still a good month and a half away. This weekend is the perfect weekend to find a local home show, get out and find some inspiration that could become the initial building blocks to a kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project in your own home. And why stop at kitchens and bathrooms? A good home show will give you ideas for everywhere inside and outside the home.

    So by now you might have guessed it! We will be in Booth #715 at the Home & Remodeling Show this Friday through Sunday at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA. We’ve brought in a huge booth with a couple kitchen displays and a large assortment of cabinet styles and finishes to get your creative juices flowing. There’s even a chance to win a KitchenAid mixer if you’re feeling lucky.

    You may not catch a glimpse of Hans or Franz (or Aaron Rodgers for that matter), but we are pretty sure a trip to this or any home show this weekend is just what you need to “pump you up” and get over this deflated feeling! It’s an idea that might even bring a smile to Bill Belichick’s face (he’s got a kitchen too you know…and a free weekend!).

    By Jim Grace

  • We love gadgets. In today’s world, if there is something that can help us doing things more easily, more quickly or help us be more organized…we want to know about it. And if those gadgets are roll out kitchen cabinet accessories that help us use our kitchens more efficiently, then let the party begin! Roll out kitchen cabinet accessories bring what you want TO you, versus having you stoop, bend or get on one knee to see what’s in there. Roll out kitchen cabinet accessories can take any space and make it more functional. Don’t believe it? Here are 5 roll out kitchen cabinet accessories that can rock your kitchen:

    Roll Out Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

    Roll out trays – sometimes the most overlooked of all roll out kitchen cabinet accessories, roll out trays create a much easier way to access any standard base cabinet and are always preferred to half depth shelves that hide storage from view when a door is opened.

    Roll out trash & recycling – from a single trash bin to 4 bins for trash and all your recycling needs, you never have to look at it or worry about where the trash should go again.

    Roll out liter bottle – a different kind of roll out storage for those items that sometimes just don’t fit on a shelf or below the shelf of a cabinet. From liter bottles to cooking oils and other storage needs, these narrower roll outs allow you to maximize storage more efficiently than a 9 or 12” traditional base cabinet might allow.

    Roll out vegetable bins – there is never a good place to store the potatoes and onions and no one ever wants to display them with the much prettier fruits and vegetables. And while not for everyone, in the right kitchen roll out vegetable bins can be a great way to organize and store frequently used items that you don’t want everyone to see. And if vegetable bins aren’t the right fit, there are other bin and basket options for vegetables or other storage.

    Roll out base filler – in the tightest of spots, a roll out base filler can make the most of that little bit of space you have. A great option next or near to cooking or prep areas to store spices and other cooking items that can free up space in other cabinets at the same time.

    We could roll on, but these kitchen cabinet accessory ideas should be enough to get you started. For more inspiration and ideas for kitchen cabinet accessory ideas, check out our accessory photo gallery or our cabinet accessories board on Pinterest.

    By Jim Grace

  • What makes a good designer? We’d like to think we know a thing or two. As the holidays quickly descend upon us, we pick some of our favorite holiday characters and “assess” how well they might have done as kitchen designers.

    Holiday Kitchen Designers

    Buddy the Elf - despite solid experience in decorating based on his limited work at Gimbels, there is concern that Buddy would focus primarily on color schemes and knowing “what’s your favorite color”. Food storage is another potential area for concern as you try to get him to think beyond the 4 main elf food groups – candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.
    Designer Potential Rating: 6

    Frosty the Snowman – a truly outgoing personality, Frosty’s blatant partiality to refrigeration, would create kitchen designs with multiple refrigeration options and few to no cooking appliances so as to avoid any “issues”.
    Designer Potential Rating: 2

    Bob Cratchit – as Ebeneezer Scrooge’s right hand man, Bob definitely knows how to work with a limited budget. There is little doubt that he would carefully design a kitchen or bathroom to get the most out of every dollar and penny spent. His friendly nature and strong sense of family would form an instant connection with most anyone.
    Designer Potential Rating: 7

    Hermey the Elf - clearly a people person, Hermey’s personality would work well with most everyone. The true risk is how much passion he has for design and if it is just another “side job” like the elf gig as he pursues his true dream of dentistry.
    Designer Potential Rating: 5

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – while a career in actual design does not look promising, Rudolph could add tremendous value to any project pre-inspection or construction phase. His eco-friendly nose is great for exploring crawl spaces and other tight nooks and he can light up a sink base like nobody’s business when it comes time to hook up the plumbing.
    Designer Potential Rating: n/a

    The Grinch – no doubt the one you have to keep an eye on! His manipulative ways can trick anyone, from a small child such as CindyLou Who to an entire town. But….if you can make that connection and break through that toughened exterior….his heart might grow just enough that you might have a chance. If not, then maybe he could work in delivery as his skills navigating treacherous winter weather are legendary.
    Designer Potential Rating: 1

    George Bailey - with his friendly nature and passion for living, plus his experience in housing and construction at the ‘ol building and loan, George seems like a natural to move into kitchens and baths. With additional experience in financing options and a large clientele list, a future in kitchen and bath design looks bright for George.
    Designer Potential Rating: 9

    No matter what the time of year is, finding the right kitchen designers is one of the most important parts of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. While we think ours here at Reico Kitchen & Bath are pretty special, we know you will know when you’ve found the one…and just like your favorite holiday character, you’ll feel right at home with them. Happy Holidays!

    By Jim Grace