• The care and details that go into preparing a Thanksgiving dinner are not unlike the care and detail that goes into planning a kitchen remodeling project. Cooking that Thanksgiving meal is a team effort of family and friends, just like planning a kitchen remodeling project is a team effort, bringing you and your designer together to create your dream kitchen. So just how alike is your Thanksgiving dinner and a kitchen remodeling project? We break down the main ingredients and what’s on your “plate” for both…

    Turkey – Cabinets
    We all have our various ways of preparing a turkey, from the conventional (let’s say traditional) to more “contemporary” ways of preparing such as deep frying. Want to go more eco-friendly? How about tofurkey? Multiple finishes you say? Try turducken. We’re adding the gravy here too, in case you want to add a glaze or special look and finish to your turkey.

    Kitchen Remodeling or Thanksgiving dinner?

    Dressing/Stuffing – Appliances
    Maybe the next most important item on the table and in kitchen remodeling. How will you “dress” up your kitchen? Will it be with stainless steel appliances or will you go with a different flavor and look to black, white or maybe even a custom color to bring things to life. Because let’s be honest, cabinets and appliances go together like turkey and stuffing.

    Mashed Potatoes – Countertops
    Countertops are the mashed potatoes of the kitchen. There they are sitting there looking so good…piled high waiting for the first spoon to dig in or smoothed out like a casserole. And then what do we do? We cover them….with gravy, with mushrooms, with turnips. And all of a sudden our countertops and our potatoes are a mess. Now for some that may be just the way we like it. But eventually we have to clean our plate…

    Creamed Onions, Turnips, Mushrooms, Sweet Potatoes – Cabinet Accessories
    Much like a good Thanksgiving meal, a good kitchen has an assortment of cabinet accessories to make using the kitchen a more enjoyable experience. We don’t need a lot of them but just enough or the kitchen wouldn’t feel right without them, much like a Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t feel right without a few smaller but essential to the meal accessory dishes.

    Cranberry Sauce – Hardware
    Cranberry Sauce is the little bit of fun on the table. Some like it out of the can and straightforward (think knob) while others go a little more non-traditional and make it on their own, which presents a variety of potential colors and flavors to it depending on how it is made. Hardware is the same, where you can go traditional and easy or spend some time working on it and find something different or exotic that really adds some flavor to the kitchen.

    Sweet Potato Casserole – Faucet and Kitchen Sink
    So maybe it’s not as daring as pairing sweet potatoes and marshmallows together (seriously, who knew?) but pairing up your faucet and kitchen sink is essential in the kitchen. Most times they will complement each other but that can be done in more ways than ever today with a variety of faucets shapes, sizes, finishes and features. And while going hands free with your faucet can minimize germs and use less water, we don’t necessarily recommend it for the dinner table.

    What’s left? Dessert of course. That’s when you sit back and enjoy your completed kitchen remodeling project. Then the biggest decision becomes apple pie or pumpkin pie. You know what? We think you deserve a slice of both! Happy kitchen remodeling! And Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Honoring our Veteran’s is something that we should be doing every day. And in Chesapeake, VA we are getting a very special opportunity to work on a kitchen remodeling project with our own group of “veterans”. Two of them are military veterans and one of them is a “veteran” of the kitchen and bath industry. How did they come together to be working on this special kitchen remodeling project?

    Solomon “Butch” Revils is many things. A hard worker, a good neighbor, a father to 2 young men, a person with an amazing attitude and spirit…and a Veteran. A former Marine from 1982-89, Butch retired after a motorcycle accident that took both of his legs. But that did not stop him on any level. His spirt and competitiveness still flowed within him. Butch joined the Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team in 2012 and started racing in multiple events. To date he has competed in roughly 40 races of varying distances, covering as far as 36 miles and including a marathon best time of 1 hour and 42 minutes. His next adventure is taking him to Florida, where he will participate in an intense week long camp at the High Performance Hand Cycling Clinic. Currently living in a home that was originally adapted for his needs, he recognized it was time to improve on the fit and function of the space.

    Tim Viglietta is an expert installer and jack of all tradesman who has partnered with Reico Kitchen & Bath on multiple projects, largely thanks to his expertise and “can do” attitude. It is this attitude that served him well during his time in the military, working as Jet Mechanic in the Marines from 1982-1986. So, it is of no surprise to anyone that Butch and Tim formed an instant connection and life-long friendship.

    So, with 2 former Marines on this kitchen remodeling project, how do you bring it all together?

    By throwing them in with a kitchen and bath industry veteran (and neighbor of Butch’s) Kristen Campbell, Manager and Designer of Reico Kitchen & Bath in both Chesapeake, VA and Williamsburg, VA. Her Canadian heritage would have limited her to Royal Mountie status at best, but she chose to focus her energy on design, working on kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects of all types.

    A Veteran team takes on a Kitchen Remodeling project

    Both Kristen and Butch share a love of competition and a good challenge. Kristen is preparing for her first 50k run this December, making the connection with Butch even stronger. With much focus and determination, their shared goal is completing this kitchen remodeling project! A project that has been carefully designed to accommodate Butch in his daily life, allowing easy access to every facet of the kitchen by incorporating features such as:

    • ADA cabinets w/ roll out trays
    • Drop down cooking section, including pop up blower with remote access
    • Delta faucets w/ TOUCH2O Technology
    • Custom desk/workstation
    • Hardwood flooring throughout

    When individuals have the chance to inspire each other, be it through a friendship, a special connection or maybe even a kitchen remodeling project, everyone benefits. When the opportunity presents itself to help a veteran and a friend, who has already done so much for our country, make their life a little easier, it gets a little bit better every time.

    If you’d like to learn more about the Paralyzed Veterans Racing team and/or make a donation to this wonderful organization, please join them on their website at http://www.pva.org/.

  • When you decide to remodel a bathroom, you can’t help but get excited. Even a small bathroom design can be transformed with the right choice of cabinets, countertops and fixtures. Get it right and all of sudden it just might be the most popular bathroom in the house.

    So how can you go big with a small bathroom design? Consider these 4 ideas help get the most out of your small bathroom design:

    Add function to your small bathroom design

    •Add function – Your current small bathroom design typically has tons of opportunity hiding. Can you add drawers to your vanity cabinet to increase storage and take more items off the countertop? Can you go from a single bowl to double vanity top, ideal for moving the kids faster in the morning without fighting over one sink. Perhaps a vanity linen cabinet can replace a built-in linen closet and really tie the space together.

    Add color to a small bathroom design

    •Add color – Color plays a big part in the transformation of any small bathroom design, and the project picture is no exception. When it comes to adding color, the opportunities are endless. It can be as simple as the paint on the walls or as bold as the tile or cabinet finish you choose.

    Add glass to a small bathroom design

    •Add glass – A bathroom remodel typically means “curtains” for the old shower – cheers to that! Glass doors are a great way to open up a small bathroom design. And by adding some visual interest like a tile shower inlay (shown in picture, you draw your attention through the glass and up, down and all around to make the space feel bigger.

    Add space to a small bathroom design

    •Add space – there are more options than ever to create more space within your small bathroom design. Reduced depth vanity cabinets and space saving toilets give you a little more room to work with, while using pocket doors, lower profile fixtures that take up less room or under mount sinks that give just a little more landing space on a countertop are more subtle but still valuable space-adding decisions.

    There are plenty of small bathroom design ideas that you can consider to create one “hall” of a bathroom. Understanding the options and the limitations you have can help you create the perfect small bathroom design. The hall bathroom is typically utilized by many, so set it up that way!

    Small Bathroom Design Ideas

  • Another GOP presidential debate is in the books. And much like the wide-reaching choices in candidates, the wide-reaching choices for the right cabinet color or finish for your kitchen remodel are no less daunting, confusing or in some cases…downright terrifying. It becomes a true “residential” debate to find the right cabinet color or finish.

    So let us moderate this debate and give you some reasons why white just may be the best “candidate” for your kitchen remodel:

    White kitchen remodel

    White is timeless. While colors and finishes come and go white has hung in there the entire time, particularly as shades of whites and off-whites have offered more options to soften the color of the space. It works its way into almost any kitchen style from traditional to more transitional looks.

    White makes a space feel bigger. White cabinets are clean, they’re fresh and they brighten up even the smallest of kitchen spaces to make it feel bigger.

    White is easy to work with. It is a blank slate that you can add any color you want to it. Find colors to use in countertops, appliances, hardware, tile backsplashes that can contrast and gently complement your white cabinets.

    White makes you feel good. Color therapists will tell you that the color white is associated with light, goodness, innocence and purity. So bring on the good vibes…and embrace the “color of perfection” as you create a perfect kitchen remodel.

    White sells. Its’ universal appeal is a popular choice if you are selling a home.

    So it is really a debate? It really “trumps” the competition. You definitely won’t see white campaign for itself. It does not have to. There are so many reasons why a kitchen remodel that starts with white cabinets is the right choice.

    We do stand by our position that any kitchen be all white. This is a kitchen, not a laboratory (for the most part anyway…insert your own kitchen mishap story here). There always needs to be some balance so you avoid creating the wrong environment(that is what your moderator, I mean your design experts, what I am really trying to say is your Reico designer is for).

  • Storage. Organization. There is not much more we value or crave in the kitchen. And it is this “craving” that speaks to the growing trend of base cabinet storage in kitchen design. Some will say it’s never gone away, but with more base drawer storage options than ever its popularity has never been greater. We asked nationally recognized kitchen and bath industry expert Sarah Reep ASID, IIDA, CMKBD, CMG, CAPS and Director of Designer Relations & Education for Merillat Cabinetry about this. According to Sarah, trends in design indicate that base cabinet storage in the kitchen is more important than wall cabinetry right now. To that end, she offers insight on 4 reasons why we are seeing this surge in drawer design:

    Create base cabinet storage in your kitchen design

    • Open floor plans today provide more windows and less walls. Customers want more light brought into the home and a bigger open space to gather. This means less space to place wall cabinetry and a greater need for base cabinet storage.

    • Customers value easy access to stored items. Who wants to get down towards the ground to access a storage area? Customers prefer more drawers when they understand the value of this functionality.

    • Drawers can be selected based on depth to store like-sized items and also to compartmentalize. Select wide drawers to subdivide and create more long-term flexibility, or choose smaller width drawers to assist with organization.

    • Offering drawers as an option on how to best use the space is appreciated. Suggesting how to work in a space and live better at home ensure customers receive the best kitchen design for how they live.

    Reep adds that it is also important to note that drawer front styles and the sizes of drawers greatly influences the overall appearance of the kitchen design. A flat slab drawer may give a bit of a price break to the overall kitchen cost, but may sacrifice the design’s beauty whereas a five piece drawer offers a more unique or special finish treatment, in addition to design continuity.

    Consider these insights on base cabinet storage as you consider your own kitchen remodel. Beyond being “trendy”, adding drawers can be a productive way to create more functionality and better use space in the kitchen.