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    Bringing color into the kitchen is always one of the most interesting challenges (and opportunities!) of a kitchen design. We already know that color can come from so many different or unusual things. These kitchen design ideas can come from almost anywhere in the kitchen. It can be a unique kitchen countertop in a specialty color. Or a specialty finish on your appliances (yes, even harvest gold is coming back…gulp). It can be a backsplash in tile or another unique surface like copper. It can be from flooring covering the entire space or even the colors of a few countertop appliances. But what if you want to add color to your kitchen by combining different cabinet finishes?

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    Whether you argue it is outdated or say it will never really go out of style (think white kitchens…), more and more kitchens today are incorporating 2 finishes into the kitchen. A second finish can create a real focal point for the kitchen, bringing the area to life in a separate color. With the popularity of white kitchens, off-white kitchens and other more neutral finishes, adding a second finish to the kitchen will liven up the color palette of the kitchen by inviting in new colors and areas for the eyes to be attracted to. In other kitchens, the subtlety of a second finish can give the kitchen a touch of variation that enhances the overall view of the kitchen without becoming a distraction.

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    Most often you see it on kitchen islands where the finish and possibly even the door style and wood species are different from the perimeter cabinets. The visual separation of an island with a different color can really enhance the second finish even more. In other kitchens it could be a separate finishes on base and wall cabinets, often times with molding to compliment one or the other.

    Somekitchen design ideas cabinet finishes 4 will argue it can be too much and in some cases it can be if the colors or finishes selected are too bold or contrasting to the eye. Be smart about designing with a second finish. Regardless of whether you select one or multiple finishes, be sure your kitchen design ideas create a kitchen you will enjoy for a long time and avoid creating a situation where you feel you must update all or part of the kitchen after a few years.

  • What do you say to someone who is getting ready to start a kitchen remodeling project? Whether we’ve done one ourselves or not, we’ve heard the stories. Our best, most optimistic selves will consider countless euphemisms to express our well wishes and inspiration. But just what exactly is the right thing to say?

    Kitchen Remodeling Bethesda, MD

    Take the expression “break a leg”, the de facto expression used to wish a performer good luck. Saying that to LindaRose Payne, a veteran performer…and designer and key business manager at our Reico showroom in Bethesda, MD could work for her in any situation, whether she was getting ready to perform or not. She gets it. But “break a leg” as a well wish to someone remodeling? With the horror stories some people hear they may actually think breaking a leg might be better (Which by the way it is not! My son just broke his leg and that expression has forever changed in my mind. And you can be certain I didn’t say to him “it’s better than kitchen remodeling”).

    A quick Google search of ways to wish someone well brings up interesting suggestions but none that really give just cause to the excitement of a kitchen remodeling project. In fact, most almost imply impending doom. Every “Fingers crossed”, “Best of luck” and “I hope everything will be alright” basically translates into “I hope you know what you are doing.” when applied to your kitchen remodeling project.

    The reality is that a great kitchen remodeling experience does not depend purely on luck. It is a partnership between client and professional that communicates regularly, asks a lot of questions, makes a lot of decisions and works together patiently to bring a kitchen remodeling project from idea to reality. Does it go perfectly every time? Rarely. And we certainly would never turn down a little bit of “luck” to go with any project. But with the right partnership you can be confident in the process to bring your new kitchen to life.

  • We all were captivated by it. The U.S. Women’s National Team World Cup winning performance captured our interest, our enthusiasm and eventually our hearts with a thrilling championship final win over Japan 5-2. And they did it with style, with each game and performance building on the previous to peak at just the right time. They did it in transition as well, as veterans like Abby Wambach, Christine Rampone and Shannon Boex accepted lesser roles on the team they love and led to allow the Carli Lloyd’s, Alex Morgan’s and Morgan Brien’s their turns.

    Transitional in kitchens and soccer.  More alike then you would think.

    In many ways, transitional design is very similar. Consider the range of influences. In soccer it is most often a combination of veterans and youth. In kitchens, its traditional style (the “veteran”) paired with modern or contemporary influences (the “youth”). Just like Wambach and the others, traditional takes on less of a role in the kitchen to accommodate its’ modern counterpart. And there is no arguing its’ popularity. Over the last 10 years, the transitional style has exploded into kitchens.

    Just how much of an influence though varies and is heavily subjective to the coach, or in the case of kitchen design, the client. For the client, it is as simple as asking yourself the question of whether you are more modern or more traditional and then taking cues from there. The reality is that it works well in almost every style home, and can work in more ways than one. It can be more traditional with a modern influence or more of a modern design with traditional influences. What does that mean exactly? In its’ simplest form, its’ heavy on clean, simple lines combined with the style and history of more traditional design elements. By combining styles of past and present, you create the current style for your kitchen.

    The U.S. Women’s National Team created their style (Taylor Swift even sang about it!). Now it’s your turn. And while I would not put one of them to work in the kitchen, I would gladly welcome them all over and cook whatever they want. For all they’ve done, they’ve earned it.

  • Every kitchen has a focal point. Whether it is intended or unintended well…that’s another story. For the desperate to remodel crowd, the whole kitchen could be the focal point because you can’t stand it. But for this post, we’re talking about a different kind of focal point. The focal point of YOUR kitchen. Whether it is something special, something unique, something contrasting or maybe all of the above, your kitchen’s focal point guides every visitor’s eye to, and in some cases along, your kitchen.

    Most are very simple…a contrasting finish on a single cabinet or kitchen island. Or maybe a wall cabinet that extends all the way to a countertop. It could be decorative glass doors on cabinets or a pro-style appliance. There are near endless choices when it comes to finding the right kitchen focal point for your kitchen. Here are 3 of our favorite kitchen focal points:

    3 kitchen focal points you should consider.

    Kitchen islands – there are so many things you can do with a kitchen island to make it a focal point. Consider a contrasting finish, decorative accessories to give it a more furniture look or tiered height countertops that combine multiple functions of sitting, socializing and food prep. In some situations you might just combine all 3!

    Backsplashes – the variety, options and popularity of backsplashes has never been greater than it is today. From materials choices ranging from the timeless (subway tile) to the unique (glass, copper & other materials), the space between your countertop and wall cabinets has never been more exciting.

    Wood countertops - there is just something timeless about a well-finished piece of wood. Done right, it adds a richness and character to any room of the home. This especially applies to the kitchen, where a finished wood countertop can add the perfect finishing touch. With choices of exotic woods and thicker built up surfaces, a wood countertop becomes a stunning focal point in any kitchen.

    The most important thing to consider when finding the right focal point for your kitchen is….you. You are the one who will be in your kitchen day in and day out. What will you love to look at? What will bring a smile to your face every time? Find that out and you have found your kitchen focal point.

  • When we decide to embark on a kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project, it can all feel like a bit of a splurge. The reality is that for most of us, we may complete a kitchen remodeling project 1-2 times during our lifetime. The same can be said for bathroom remodeling.

    So it is interesting to see that the one item customers like to “splurge” on the most in both kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling projects is the same. According to a Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) survey conducted exclusively for Kitchen & Bath Design News, the one item that clients like to splurge on more than anything else is countertops.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

    And why not? The countertop has many important roles. It is a main focal point in both rooms, pulling the space together to make it all work. At the same time the countertop has the difficult task of being the backbone, requiring durability and strength as it handles the bulk of the work load, all while trying to maintain its’ good looks. The countertop tries to do it all by being functional and unique and making a statement in your kitchen or bathroom. And the smaller the space the more clients tend to splurge on countertops, where the visual impact can be even greater.

    For the kitchen, it is where are eyes are constantly drawn to as the dividing point between the wall and base cabinets. Or as the focal point on a kitchen island. Maybe a smaller piece of butcher block or marble as a prep or baking station. In the bathroom, it is the landing space for everything that influences the look, feel and color of the entire space. For both rooms, engineered stone and quartz continues to be a popular choice for its selection of colors and ease of cleaning with granite not too far behind and still considered “the” choice, especially in kitchens.

    And the splurge doesn’t just stop at the type of countertop material. With a variety of other countertop related choices available, including decorative edges and full height backsplashes to make even more of visual impact on your space, the urge to splurge on countertops will always be strong.