• 5 Earth Day inspired Kitchen Ideas

    Kitchen Ideas for Earth Day and Every Day

    Today we celebrate Earth Day and its’ 45th anniversary as a day recognized for creating awareness about our environment, protecting our planet and embracing more environmentally friendly choices and lifestyles.

    A lot has changed since the first Earth Day in 1970. Kitchen ideas were nowhere to be found during a time where leaded gas and air and land polluting factories and power plants were some of the biggest challenges people protested against here in the U.S. It was this first Earth Day that led to historical changes in the way our country looked at the environment, paving the way for the Environmental Protection Agency to be formed and the eventual introductions of the Clean Water, Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts. Today Earth Day is celebrated around the world, bringing together people of all nations.

    These days, we are all looking for ways every day to live in a more environmentally friendly way. To help you find that in the kitchen, here are 5 environmentally friendly kitchen ideas for you to consider:

    1. Open Shelving – one of today’s most popular kitchen design trends is the movement towards open shelving. It requires less materials and in some cases, reclaimed wood is used to give the kitchen a very unique and distinctive feel.

    2. Recycling Center Cabinets – paper, plastic, metal, glass…you should be recycling it! Whether you have room for 2 bins or 4, a pull out trash storage and recycling center cabinet allows you to easily separate recyclables and insure they don’t go somewhere to sit in a landfill for the next 50 years.

    3. Hands Free Faucets – hands free faucets help you to use less water and do so in a more hygienic way. But not having to touch anything when preparing food you have less chance of passing on germs and the faucets sensors quickly respond when hands or other items have been removed.

    4. Wood Cutting Boards – replace plastic cutting boards with wood ones, particular regenerating species such as bamboo. Not only are the better for the environment, but studies have shown that wood cutting boards are less likely to contaminate food when used.

    5. Indoor Herb Garden – who doesn’t love fresh herbs year round? An indoor herb garden provides instant access to a natural food source, saves money, helps keep your indoor air quality healthier and can even provide subtle touches of aromatherapy and be a therapeutic resource as well as a food one.

    Even changes to the smallest of behaviors can help in the fight for a better environment. Don’t stop at a few kitchen ideas. Earth Day is every day! Look for little (and big) things you can do today and every day to help the environment and make every day a little better, brighter and greener.

    By Jim Grace

  • I’m a hockey fan and this year my favorite team, the Washington Capitals, are back in the NHL playoffs and in search of their very first Stanley Cup trophy. Every game matters, just like every decision in kitchen remodeling matters. The smallest detail can win or lose a game, just like it can make or break your kitchen.

    Rock the Red Cabinet finish

    So it should come as no surprise that the Caps “Rock the Red” slogan goes well beyond the ice, making its’ way into homes and in particular kitchens as homeowners look to pump some life into their kitchen remodeling project. Red is a positive, energizing color. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. There is nothing like the color red to get the heart thumping, adrenaline pumping and that kitchen look jumping.

    So how do we add red to our kitchen? At the simplest level, it may be how we accessorize the kitchen. The dinnerware we use, the mugs we drink from, even that red KitchenAid mixer or those red Le Creuset baking dishes can add a subtle pop or eye grabbing look to the kitchen.

    Rock the Red Kitchen Appliance finish

    But for others that is not enough. Red is their color. It truly inspires them. For some it is a glossy red finish on their cabinets, either as a whole or as a strategically designed focal point. And it’s not just cabinets that are getting the “red carpet” rolled out for them. Appliances are popping up in a bold variety of finishes from red to purple and beyond. Dacor, one of our appliance partners, is leading the way. Their DacorMatch™ Color System allows select cooking appliances to be personalized to any color imaginable, just by sending a color swatch.

    So put away any fears of repeating the frightening choices our parents had in Avocado Green or Harvest Gold. Whether you choose to rock the red in your kitchen or you find another color that suits you, think big and bold and put your imagination to work to create the kitchen of your dreams.

    And…Go Caps!

    By Jim Grace

  • Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

    When it comes to the kitchen, every bit of space matters. A well thought out and designed kitchen will organize your space even better than you could imagine. The secret? Well, to be honest it’s not a secret at all. Kitchen cabinet accessories can put the finishing touches on your kitchen’s efficiency and organization. Whether you are organizing storage or creating storage where it does not exist, the right kitchen cabinet accessories can help you get more from your kitchen.

    Here are 5 kitchen cabinet accessories that can help make the most of your space:

    Door racks – kitchen cabinet accessories for the backs of your doors? Absolutely! Whether it is a strategically placed cutting board or a spice rack to get even more organized storage in your cabinets, door racks are tidy little kitchen cabinet accessories that add storage to a previously unused space.

    Base Mixer Shelf – we all know how heavy it is to move around a quality base mixer. This sturdy base mixer shelf makes an excellent cabinet accessory, keeping your stand mixer nearby and ready at a moment’s notice without taking over your countertop when not in use.

    Appliance Garage – when it comes to kitchen cabinet accessories, this one is not your parent’s appliance garage. Balky tambour doors are replaced by a smooth, easy functioning vertical lift door to organize small appliances, hide counter clutter and provide a clean continuous look with your other cabinet doors.

    Tray Dividers – whether as a stationary cabinet divider in the cabinet or one that comes out on roll out trays, these kitchen cabinet accessories are perfect for organizing that collection of cooking sheets, cooling racks, cutting boards, and pizza pans.

    Cookbook Rack – ok, we know you are questioning this one. I mean c’mon, who still uses a cook book right? We do, but our cook book is on our tablet, which fits comfortably on the same rack away from the flour, sugar and oils of a finely prepared meal (or mess depending on who today’s chef is).

    Whether it one of these kitchen cabinet accessories or the countless other options you have available, it is important to take the time to consider which kitchen cabinet accessories will work best for you and the way you plan to use your kitchen. Taking this time to think during the planning of your kitchen will make all the difference when you go to use it!

    By Jim Grace

  • In the 2010 Will Ferrell movie “The Other Guys”, Will Ferrell plays Allen Gamble, a no frills paper pushing cop who doesn’t get the same glory some of his heroic counterparts get on the force. A minor case turns into a big deal and he finally gets to show his stuff.

    When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite and quartz (or engineered stone) are the heroes of the lot. But what about the “other guys” in kitchen countertops? When given the chance, they can perform above and beyond expectations and be an integral part and focal point of the kitchen.

    Here are some pros and cons of the “other guys” when it comes to kitchen countertops:

    Wood/Butcher Block – a time-tested choice for work surfaces in the kitchen, wood butcher block kitchen countertops offer a warm, beautiful look. From maple’s tight grains to the exotic feel of black walnut, wood butcher block kitchen countertops can be an excellent choice.
    Pros: Natural look and feel; can be sanded, sealed and maintained over time; easy to clean
    Cons: Must be oiled and sealed regularly for proper wear and appearance; scratches naturally and easily from cutting; can be damaged from stains or water over time

    kitchen countertops not named granite or quartz

    2 of the “other guys” of kitchen countertops: soapstone and marble.

    Soapstone – these rustic stone kitchen countertops are being found in more and more kitchens. Soapstone has a smooth surface that has a feel that is often compared to a dry bar of soap. Its natural darker gray tone is particularly popular, offering a beautiful and striking contrast when used with lighter stains and painted whites and off white finishes.
    Pros: Deep, rich color options; smooth, cool feel; offers some stain and heat resistance
    Cons: Will darken over time; susceptible to cracking; requires regular maintenance with mineral oil

    Concrete – with surprising flexibility, concrete kitchen countertops offer tinted colors and unusual shapes customized to the needs of the client. With options for honed finish and texture variations including tiny pebbles and sand, concrete kitchen countertops can truly personalize your kitchen space.
    Pros: Heat and scratch resistance; color can be tinted for variation; offers exotic and unique look
    Cons: Susceptible to cracking; is porous and must be sealed 3-4 times a year for best performance (but can be sealed); sometimes is perceived as more “industrial” looking

    Stainless Steel – this industrial looking surface works best in more modern and contemporary kitchen design. The silvery-gray of stainless steel kitchen countertops is always custom made and often will not have any visible seams. It could be a little much though if you have your heart set on stainless steel fixtures and appliances.
    Pros: Easy to clean; can handle hot pans; rustproof
    Cons: Expensive; noisy; susceptible to denting; not a surface to cut on; can be industrial looking; shows fingerprints

    Marble – an ideal surface for dough and baking prep, marble kitchen countertops are often the complimentary top in the kitchen, finding its’ way onto an island or specific baking prep area. Price plays a factor as well, as marble kitchen countertops typically carry a higher price tag.
    Pros: Striking in appearance; heat resistance; water proof
    Cons: Expensive; porous; prone to staining if not professionally sealed; requires periodic maintenance; can scratch

    As Will Ferrell’s Allen Gamble said, “This is all the evidence we have, and I, I truly hope you take this seriously.” We hope you take note of some of the “other guys” in kitchen countertops to find the right surface for your own kitchen.

    By Jim Grace

  • This week saw the roll out of the long anticipated Apple Watch, a device that can do just about everything but prepare and cook your meals (not yet at least). And while many of us here at Reico are just as curious and excited about this next new thing in technology, we couldn’t help but wonder what this means for people who are also looking at kitchen cabinets for sale in hopes of completing that long awaited kitchen remodeling project. Find Kitchen Cabinets for sale at Reico Kitchen & Bath

    So, thanks to a great tweet from USA Today, we started thinking more about it. For the Gold Apple Watch edition that retails for $10,000, how much of a kitchen remodeling project could you complete?

    Sizes of kitchens vary from home to home and costs vary by region, so coming up with an average cost is not always easy. Using some quick research online and our own data put us in the ballpark of anywhere from $18,000 to $21,000 on average for a 30 linear foot kitchen remodel that can include all or parts of replacing cabinets, countertops, appliances and more along with considerations for flooring, hardware and wall coverings or paint. Based on that math, a Gold Apple Watch would be the equivalent of a nice down payment on the cost of the average kitchen remodeling project. And unlike the pace of change in technology, your kitchen will be current and in style for much longer!

    You might do even better, but it’s going to take more than just finding kitchen cabinets for sale to make this work. If your purpose is to update a home for re-sale purposes, that $10,000 could go even further. And let’s not forget too that if we are married or in a serious relationship, there is no way we could come home with one Gold Apple Watch for ourselves and not have one for our partner. Now that’s $20k to work with (hypothetically speaking, of course)!

    Our suggestion….if you really must have the latest technology, then start with the Apple Sport Watch or mid-range Apple Watch and take advantage of Reico’s own kitchen cabinets for sale to make this a spring to remember!

    By Jim Grace