Contemporary Kitchen Design brings Delight!

After realizing that their current kitchen could not meet their needs forever, even after a slick paint job on the cabinet boxes to freshen up the look, it was time for Mona and Dave Brown to plan the new kitchen they had always dreamed of.

Designer Harry Alascio, from the Reico store in Elkridge, MD knew one thing was clear from the first time he met the Browns. “They knew exactly the look they wanted,” says Harry “which made the real challenge incorporating all of the features and design changes they wanted.”

With both coming from a background in engineering, the Browns’ were very intent on maximizing the function of their kitchen. Tired old elements like the built in pantry had to go if Harry was going to meet the Browns need for function and incorporate some new pieces for the kitchen, especially an under counter wine refrigerator.

Harry went to work along with the contractor to bring the Browns’ new kitchen to life. The built in pantry was torn out and in its place new base and wall cabinets were added, along with the under counter wine refrigerator the Browns wanted to incorporate. Not only did the cabinets add additional storage, it also resulted in a lot more useable countertop and landing space next to the left of the range.

Another big change involved taking down a small partition wall next to the refrigerator and replacing it with tall pantry cabinets. This change not only replaced the storage lost from the removal of the built in pantry, it also opened up the room and gave the kitchen a more transitional flow to the eating area. The angled base cabinets on each side further opened up the room and allowed for a more eased passage in and out of the kitchen. And the deep roll out trays in the pantry cabinets made access to everything in the kitchen easier than ever before.

Harry was involved with everything, from design to selection of cabinets, countertops, flooring, and paint. He also worked closely with the Browns’ contractor to ensure installation went smoothly. What made it even more fun for Harry was the chance to work on a contemporary style kitchen in a market more commonly known for its’ more traditional looks.

Creating a dream kitchen and great remodeling experience took a lot of communication and partnering between Harry, Mona and Dave. “I know every project requires a lot of communication between me and my clients,” said Harry. The more I can help guide them and let them know what is going on, the more we all can enjoy it both during and after.”


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