Proper ventilation is a kitchen requirement.  Whether as part of an over the range microwave or a stronger, stand alone ventilation unit, they move smoke, vapors and grease away from the cooking area.  Sound can be a significant factor, so be sure to find out just how loud the unit can get.  With a variety of styles from functional to decorative or both, a proper ventilation unit can eliminate the lingering memories of past meals as you focus on creating new ones.  

Before getting started, it is good to understand your current ventilation situation and how it is ducted.  Switching from a non-ducted to a ducted range hood is possible but could increase the expense considerably.  Most range hoods include lighting as well to provide more task specific lighting to your cooking surface.  Make sure you have the proper CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating to handle the cooking you do.  The higher the rating the stronger the performance, which is essential if your cooking involves a lot of steam or distinctive smells.

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