Besides the obvious benefits and joy that comes from natural light, lighting offers plenty of bright ideas for your kitchen and bathroom.  And when done right, it can bring out the best in your space.

A well lit kitchen or bathroom will use a combination of both general lighting (lighting designed to illuminate a broader space) and task lighting (lighting designed to illuminate a specific area, and often for a specific purpose…like food preparation in the kitchen or putting on makeup in the bathroom.

What else can lighting do?  It can light up dark spaces with options in pendant lights, under cabinet lighting, lighted toe kick spaces under kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, side sconces for bathrooms…Even bathroom showers faucets offer more subtle colored lighting that influences your senses, mood and overall ambience to create a more relaxing space.

LED lighting is very in demand right now.  These energy saving light sources offer a lot design flexibility and can last for years.  They can be used in almost any application as general lighting, task lighting or as accent lighting.

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