Today’s dryers are not much different than the past, offering much of the same features and performance as older models.  When considering some of the new features that have been introduced, make sure that they are features you want and need so you don’t pay more than you were expecting.  

Be sure to consider performance features first and foremost over more aesthetic features such as color.  And while it is nice to match the washer remember that it is not a requirement.  The most efficient dryers use a moisture sensor that senses when your clothes are dry and then turns off automatically.  All but the most inexpensive dryer models include this feature but be sure to ask.  Capacity should be considered as well for dryers and be comparable to your washer’s capacity.  The bigger the dryer the longer drying can take, especially if it is not full.  If space is a concern, a stackable dryer might be a consideration but should clearly match with your washer selection and still be accessible to your dryers vent port.

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