A refrigerator is a key element to every kitchen.  It’s a big investment so you will to take into consideration all the features offered so you can make a decision that meets your needs for many years to come.  

Start by considering the style of refrigerator that you are looking for.  A number of styles and configurations are available such as Top Mount, a very traditional style choice where the freezer is on the top, usually with a separate door.  A Bottom Freezer, where the freezer is found below and typically is a pull out drawer.  A Side by Side has 2 full height doors with a slightly larger refrigeration side to its freezer side counterpart.  A French door refrigerator offers 2 side by side doors for refrigeration with a freezer on the bottom.   The style of refrigerator is largely a matter of personal preference, and is further influenced by features such as ice and water dispensers, adjustable shelves and humidity-controlled vegetable crispers.

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