Water Filtration

Clean drinking water is something we all value.  As a result, we make decisions every day on where we drink water from.  In bottles, through a filter or straight from the tap, the options for drinking water are out there.  But as we become even more environmentally aware of plastic and its effect on not just on our environment but on the water itself, the popularity of water filtration options continue to grow.  You have water filtration systems that are part of your refrigerator as well as systems that can easily connect directly to your sink lines in the kitchen and the bathroom to provide consistently clean, safe drinking water.  And all without the added expense of small plastic bottles or large multi-gallon bottles that are heavy, cumbersome and can be a hassle to switch out.  You can even find reusable water bottles today with their own built in filtration!

When considering a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, don’t forget to consider having a water filtration system installed inside your kitchen sink cabinet or bathroom vanity cabinet.  Out of sight but always on our mind, it can provide consistently clean drinking water.  And it is much easier to replace a filter that lug a new, heavy plastic bottle into a dispensers…or carry cases of little plastic water bottles that can easily get discarded or go unrecycled.

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