Kitchen Estimator

The Reico Kitchen & Bath Kitchen Estimator

Looking to get a rough idea of costs for a kitchen remodeling project? Reico’s Kitchen Estimator has been designed to give you a broad, initial estimate of product costs for your kitchen remodeling project in 4 easy steps. Follow the instructions below to get a range of pricing for your kitchen remodel.

Step 1 – Enter the Total Linear feet of your kitchen

Linear Feet of Kitchen:
(Input linear measurement of the back wall space in feet. Measurement will include doors, windows and appliance openings. Where this is an island or Peninsula, include the measurement as it if were a full wall.)
GET VIDEO HELP! Not sure how to measure? Check out our Kitchen Measurement video for additional help!

Step 2 – Choose your Kitchen Cabinets

TIP: Don’t be fooled by the word stock! Today’s stock cabinets are more versatile than ever, offering more options, features and finishes that can compete with the look of most custom kitchens!

Step 3 – Choose your Kitchen Countertops

IMPORTANT: Kitchen Countertop estimate includes stainless steel sink, standard self-edge “square” countertop edge and standard 4” high matching countertop backsplash.

Step 4 – Choose your Kitchen Appliances

KITCHEN APPLIANCE PACKAGE INCLUDES: refrigerator, cooking product (stove or cooktop and built-in oven), ventilation (hood) and dishwasher.

Your Total Ballpark Estimate is to

Reico will be competitive with any retailer. Please note that these are for estimating purposes only and do not include delivery, sales tax or any promotional or sale pricing. The actual price will depend on the size, scope and specifications unique to your project. If you are ready for that next step, please contact us directly and we will be glad to provide you with a more precise quote.

A word about Kitchen installation costs...

No kitchen (or bathroom) is exactly the same.  While we can provide you with general product estimates, a proper installation estimate has many more variables and requires a site visit to properly inspect the space. A Reico designer will gladly work with you with to provide a proper estimate.


Need help getting started? Download our Planning Guide!

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