Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface is one of the most versatile kitchen or bathroom countertop materials available today. Brands such as Corian and others are known for many features, including its' near seamless appearance and reparability. Since the color of solid surface goes clear through the product, things such as scratches, chips and stains on your kitchen or bathroom countertop can often be easily sanded out. 

 Solid surface can be precisely cut and bonded to fit nearly any countertop surface shape in the kitchen or bathroom. Solid surfaces can also be expertly routed for unique decorative edging that can give your kitchen or bathroom countertop a more distinguished look. 

Pros: Color selection, nearly seamless appearance, stain resistant, repairable 

Cons: Can be expensive, hot pans can crack and damage surface, can stain over time if not properly cared for

Reico's Solid Surface Countertops Offerings

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