The kitchen sink.  A catch all phrase….and a catch all place for almost everything in the kitchen.  From the every day of food wasted to pots, pans and plates as well as the more obscure uses for washing, rinsing, soaking and anything else you can imagine using a sink for, your sink decision is a critical one not only to your kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, but your entire kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling project.

Kitchens finally picked up the trend bathrooms were much far ahead on, today offering flush or under mounted sinks to create a cleaner looking area with a little more landing space as well.

For kitchens, stainless steel is still king.  While farm and apron front sinks have risen in popularity, it’s still a stainless steel sink work we live in.  With their excellent ability to resist heat and stains, the biggest decisions often end up being bowl size and whether to go single or double.  It is always essential to make sure your largest pots and pans will fit in any size sink, particularly if you are strongly considering a double bowl sink.  Other options for sinks include cast iron and composite, typically a granite or quartz based material.  Both are strong materials that perform well and resist stains and scratches.

Today’s bathroom sinks options are just as widely varied.   From one piece cultured marble tops in a wide ranging variety or colors to vessel bowls in a variety of shapes, sizes and profiles you can create just about any look you are going for regardless of whether it is a hall bath, kids bath or master bathroom.

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