Dishwashers have become a staple of the kitchen, cleaning, rinsing and drying plates, dishes, cutlery and more.   No longer a luxury appliance, it comes in a small variety of widths with 24” being the standard along with an 18” compact dishwasher and options for dishwasher drawer configurations.  

Features abound in today’s dishwasher and will have a direct impact on the price of your dishwasher.  Interior choices range from plastic to stainless steel tubs.  Energy Star ratings and low water features impact both usage levels and costs.  Other factors to consider that will drive the performance and cost of your dishwasher include food disposal features and how much you like to rinse, scrape or pre-wash dishes; washing cycles from light and heavy to Pots & Pans and Glass, Stemware and Fine China settings; racking features that raise, lower, adjust or remove racks to accommodate non-standard items; specialty trays for cutlery or flatware; and sound considerations that increase in cost as the sound from your dishwasher go down.  Develop an idea of what dishwasher features are most important so you can decide what is most important to you when looking for a dishwasher.

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