Frigidaire Appliances

Frigidaire Appliances

Wondering what are the best kitchen appliances to meet your needs? Are you remodeling, or simply need to replace your washer and dryer?  Frigidaire® is dedicated to delivering the highest quality household appliance products and is serious about customer satisfaction, taking time to carefully consider each of the appliance reviews received and taking pride in the appliance ratings customers award them. 

In 1913, the first electric refrigerator was offered for sale. Two years later, a new version of this was designed by Alfred Mellowes.  This ultimately led to the purchase and manufacturing of Mellowes’ refrigerator by the Guardian Frigerator Company in 1916.  Seeing the potential, General Motors purchased it in 1918 and gave it the name Frigidaire.  The scale of General Motors allowed for the development of mass production techniques, improved production facilities and sales growth.  It was then that Frigidaire took off as a company. Along its’ journey, it has recorded quite a few "firsts" and contributed immensely to the industry as a whole, including the introduction of the first compact 30” electric range in 1950 to more recent introductions such as the appliance industry’s first frost-free chest freezer in 2006.

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