Granite or Quartz - Great choices in Kitchen Countertops!

Kitchen Countertop using Quartz Engineered Stone

Quartz Kitchen Countertop on Buttermilk Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

While granite countertops have long been a mainstay in the kitchen, more and more consumers are turning to quartz (engineered stone) kitchen countertop surfaces.  And when you get down to the comparisons, it is pretty simple to see why.

For natural beauty and variation, most will argue that nothing beats a granite kitchen countertop.  The unique character of stone really shines in this area!

When you start to compare features however, you will find that a quartz kitchen countertop offers many advantages that you won’t find in granite kitchen countertops.  Both granite and quartz kitchen countertops are considered scratch resistant.  That does not mean that you can’t scratch it if you try hard enough so be careful!  After that, the similarities end.  Quartz offers better stain resistance, crack resistance and is non-porous and non-absorbent.  Quartz kitchen countertops also offer greater mold & mildew resistance.

One recurring issue that comes up with granite as a kitchen countertop concerns radon.  Radon, a radioactive gas, has been linked to lung cancer.  Numerous studies have been done with results widely varying.  Consumer Reports, in their own study, found small amounts coming from granite and almost none coming from quartz.

In the end, most consumers will boil their kitchen countertop decision to 2 factors - choosing between the distinctive natural colors of granite or the low maintenance, higher performance of quartz.  Cost is going to be fairly close to one another, unless you pick a real one of kind granite color.

Which kitchen countertop surface will work best for you and your kitchen?

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