I am thankful for...kitchens!

Ok, I admit that this likely comes as no surprise to anyone reading this since I work for a kitchen company (I’m also thankful for bathrooms but that’s a whole other discussion).

In my 20+ years in the kitchen and bath industry, I have come to appreciate even more how kitchens are truly the heart of the home. Like any heart, emotions make it beat stronger. The heart of any kitchen, just like my own heart, races when family and friends come together to laugh, plan, dream, imagine…even cry.

Kitchens also gives us a chance to be “heart smart”. Universal design ideas that allow multiple generations to enjoy, appliances like steam ovens and water purifiers that promote healthier eating and living. When our heart is strong, the rest of our body…or family gets stronger.

So whether new, old or just right, this Thanksgiving be thankful for the kitchens that bring us together in so many special ways.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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