Is a Soapstone Kitchen Countertop right for you?

Kitchen Countertop & Kitchen Sink in Soapstone

Soapstone Kitchen Countertop & Kitchen Sink

We recently completed a kitchen remodeling project using soapstone kitchen countertops (and one kitchen sink).  As you can see from the picture, with it's medium gray cast and distinctive veining a soapstone kitchen countertop can create a unique look that can really make any kitchen pop!

So what would make a Soapstone kitchen countertop right for you?  Well, consider the following….

Soapstone has a high density which makes it near impervious to stains or bacteria, an ideal feature for any kitchen countertop.

Soapstone has a high tolerance for heat.  It was historically used as a material for wood-burning stoves due to this high tolerance.  You may have already had experience with soapstone if you ever took a high school chemistry class.  Its’ chemically inert composition (and high density) make it an ideal choice for the classroom as well.

Most of all, soapstone is durable.  It is not uncommon to find soapstone sinks and wood-burning stoves from the 1800’s that are still functioning today.  If you do choose a soapstone kitchen countertop, don’t be afraid to consider it a lifetime investment.

Kitchen Island Countertop in Soapstone Soapstone Kitchen Island Countertop

The down sides?  Cost is sometimes a prohibitive factor in people choosing soapstone as their kitchen countertop of choice.  Soapstone has a softness to it not seen in other stone counters, primarily due to a higher talc content.  Over time you may see the edges and corners of your soapstone kitchen countertop soften and become more rounded as a result.  Nicks and scratches may become visible as well but these can be sanded out if you choose.

A soapstone kitchen countertop can stand up to the test of time.  Would it be the right investment for you?

Source Note: This blog post was developed using data and information from the Houzz article entitled “Counter Intelligence: Durable, Easy-Clean Soapstone

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