The hottest trend right now in kitchen & bathroom remodeling - to be done by the holidays!

It's that time of year again! Consumers are looking at kitchen and bathroom websites (like this one) and gathering new ideas, thinking about a new kitchen or bathroom to show off for the holidays.

If you are not already in any stage of the design process, then a new kitchen or bathroom to show off for Thanksgiving will be like stuffing a turkey – it will seemingly take forever and you will never be exactly sure when its’ done. Based on your selections, you might be able to complete your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project before Thanksgiving but for planning purposes you may want to think more along the lines of a Christmas unveiling – your new kitchen or bathroom could just be the gift the keeps on giving for years and years to come! And you may just enjoy the entire remodeling experience a little more!

There are plenty of great incentives out there, from sales and promotions to just being able to show off your new dream kitchen or bathroom.

What are you waiting for?

Source note: This blog post was developed using information from the Kelly’s Kitchen Sync post “3 reasons to start your remodeling project now

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