1 Bathroom + 2 People = 3 Bathroom Design Ideas to consider!

1 Bathroom, 2 persons, 3 great Bathroom Design Ideas

1 Bathroom + 2 Persons = 3 Bathroom Design Ideas

1) Identify all the activities each person uses their bathroom space for – bathing, showering, using the toilet, grooming, dressing...you name it!

2) Height Matters – Grooming areas and Showers must take into consideration the heights of its users. Customize, don’t compensate by going with counters at all one height or one single showerhead or position for it.

3) What’s in Storage – consider what you want and need to store in your bathroom – toiletries & towels the most obvious, but are you considering a TV, coffee maker or other small appliance or convenience?

A little thought and planning ahead of time can go a long way to creating 1 bath design that will be the place 2 be for you and your partner!

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