A good start is path to successful kitchen remodel!

We know how stressful a kitchen remodel can be. The people who come into our showrooms are already feeling it before they’ve made any decisions or really have gotten a grip on the costs involved. But at the end of the day, it is still people buying from other people and establishing that connection with one another.

A new client of our Falls Church, VA kitchen and bath showroom sent in a letter about her kitchen remodel project…so far. She has only ordered materials, but the start was such a positive experience for her that she felt compelled to share it. Said the client “I was very apprehensive about my first meeting with your designer. Within a few minutes I felt welcomed and was calmed by Cori’s professional manner which made me feel as though she was not going to railroad me into anything other than what I wanted. As a customer, I usually know within a few minutes wither I am wasting their time and/or mine. I hit a gold mine with Cori.”

Our designer, Cori Mehar, sensed her clients’ uneasiness from the very start. Said Cori, “This customer was so apprehensive and upset when she came in, and I felt really bad for her. She was so nice and all I really wanted to do make her trust me, and let her know I did care.”

Those first few minutes of any relationship can be many things…from awkward and ill-fitting to comfortable and just right. A friendly smile, taking time to listen and letting someone share their story is often the best path to creating a relationship that can lead to the kitchen (or bath) of someone’s dreams. Concluded our Falls Church, VA kitchen remodeling client “She put in a good deal of time in working with me and I feel like I have really accomplished what I set out to do. I am excited about seeing the finished project!"

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