A New Kitchen that is greater than the sum of its’ Reico Parts Center experience!

If anyone has ever had to replace a part, be it in a kitchen or any part of the home, they know the feeling I am about to describe all too well.

How old is it? Will I be able to find it? Will someone really take the time to help me? Will they understand how important it is to me to what to get this taken care of as easily, quickly and inexpensively as possible?

Providing a great experience is just as important when replacing a hinge as it when remodeling a kitchen. It is why Reico Kitchen & Bath started a Parts Center back in 2011. The goal was to provide a centralized and easy way for customers to get replacement items. And it is working as the following letter, one of many we have received, tells why….

I trust you remember helping me with some replacement shelves last summer. At that time I was so satisfied with your service that I wrote your boss to let him know, and promised that Reico would continue to get my future business. I thought you would like to know, and pass onto your boss because you are a big part of the reason why, that after retiring July 1 and purchasing a home in the Northern Neck of VA that needed some remodeling; we gutted the kitchen and master bath and worked (and still are working) with the Fredericksburg Reico Kitchen and Bath location. Last Saturday our gorgeous new cabinets were installed and yesterday measurements were taken for exotic granite countertops. Our garage is full of gorgeous stainless steel appliances from Reico that will also get installed. I love the cabinets and can hardly wait for the counter tops.

At Reico Kitchen & Bath we understand that whether it is a replacment part or a new kitchen, it is a big deal to you. And we are ready to help. A big shout to our Parts Center expert Bill Strayer and to Reico Kitchen & Bath Designer Jen Schatzer in Fredericksburg for creating and continuing what has been a great experience for our client!

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