Add "luxury" to kitchens and bathrooms of any size!

You don’t have to have a luxury home to enjoy the same amenities as one. According to a research survey reported in the September 2013 issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News, these most desired and popular amenities for larger homes selling for $500k or more can just as easily be incorporated into the kitchens and bathrooms of near any size home:

Kitchen & Bathroom Luxury Desires

With proper thought and consideration, these "luxury" kitchen and bathroom amenities can be incorporated into any size home.

Sensor-operated faucets – an easy upgrade for kitchens and bathrooms in any home.

Wine coolers – find a small wall for a dry bar or replace an existing base cabinet if space permits.

Warming drawers – number one most desired upscale feature! Works for both kitchens and bathrooms (think food in the kitchen and towels in the bathroom...or both!). Check sizes available and electrical requirements.

Outdoor kitchens – from simply extending your grilling area to something bigger and more elaborate, options abound for any size home.

What special touches can you add to your kitchens and bathrooms to complete your home?

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