Cabinet Hardware Doesn’t Have to be Hard!

Cabinet hardware is often the last item chosen for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. By that time you’ve already made what feels like thousands of decisions about faucets, paint colors, cabinets, countertops and more. The thought of one more decision can be exhausting!

There is a lot of hardware from which to choose, but consider these three things and you’ll breeze through:

1. Pick your cabinet hardware shape – choose from round, single hole knobs that can be easily updated down the road for a fresher look or go with Pulls of various widths for greater stability. Design tip – Combine both! A great look and better access options on larger doors & drawers.

2. Pick your cabinet hardware finish – do you want your cabinet hardware to make a statement or fade into the cabinet finish? Are you thinking something kitchy…like leaves, geckos or bright glass?

3. Touch and feel your cabinet hardware BEFORE buying and installing – there is NOTHING worse than finding out that it is too small or slippery or does not fit your hand properly.

The best news is…there are NO Hardware Police. This is your project and all that matters is that you like what you do. So take the “hard” out of hardware and do what works the best and pleases you the most.

By LindaRose Payne

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