Doubling our (reuse & recycling) efforts at Reico Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Recycling

In 2012, Reico Kitchen & Bath recycled 406,940 pounds of kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, laminate, cardboard, paper, cans, bottles and metal. This was a 101% increase over the 202,840 pounds we recycled in 2011.

This is not an easy task when you consider our 17 locations covering 4 states. While every member of Reico Kitchen & Bath pitched in at their individual locations, it was the coordinated efforts of the Reico Kitchen & Bath Operations Team that truly made this happen. They collected big materials like cabinets, countertops and appliances at jobsites as well as smaller materials like paper, cans and bottles from our showrooms to make sure it stayed out of landfills and as much of it got reused or recycled as possible.

We believe we can do even better in 2013! All of us at Reico Kitchen & Bath are committed to helping to protect the environment, not only through reuse and recycling but in design, products and every aspect possible.

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