Kitchen Design Trends – Top 5 Kitchen Products & Features

According to a recent survey on Kitchen Design Trends & Kitchen Product Trends from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), kitchens are further cementing their place as the heart of the home. Here are the most 5 popular kitchen design trends captured from their survey:

Computer area/recharging stations (47%) – growing technology use requires dedicated space in the kitchen

Integration with family space (43%) – no longer isolated, kitchens are being designed with surrounding areas in mind

Recycling centers (36%) – improving recycling habits means a need for more recycling options in a single, dedicated area

Adaptability/universal design (35%) – more homeowners recognizing design principles that benefit anyone…today and tomorrow

Larger pantry space (31%) – we’re shopping bigger and storing more, leading to larger storage needs

Other popular kitchen design trends cited included renewable countertop and flooring materials, drinking water filtration systems and high-end appliances. Determine which of these will work best for your own kitchen and work with a professional to help design the kitchen of your own dreams.

This post was developed using content from the article “Homeowners Prioritizing Kitchen and Bathroom Design” by the American Institute of Architects, from, May 2013.

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