Kitchen Planning: More than Just Cooking to think about!

This week we took a poll on our Facebook page asking people what they used their kitchens for besides cooking. Why is this important? When you start to really think about a kitchen remodel and begin the kitchen planning process, there is more to consider than just cooking, cleaning and eating. The kitchen is still the heart of the home, and there are many activities you need to consider when planning your new kitchen.

Here’s a look at what made the list:

List-Making(22.8%) – Oddly enough, I worked on the list for this post…in my kitchen!

Meal Planning(20%) – Makes sense, right? Have to see what you got to work with!

Craft Projects(11.7%) – Limits the mess-making to one room!

Bill-Paying(11%) – It just has to be done. Ugh.

Other(8.3%) – This could be anything. Enough said.

Homework(7.6%) – Great for answering questions while you are doing other things!

Board Games(6.2%) – Just be careful that they don’t turn into Bore-d Games(see below)

Water Fights(6.2%) – This was tied with Board Games…a possible connection?

Food Throwing Events(3.4%) – An innocent tossing of a grape into someone’s mouth, then next thing you know...

Pet Grooming(2.8%) – Every family member must be considered!

As you can see, kitchen planning must take into consideration many, many things to ensure you design a kitchen that is right for your entire family and all your needs. Figure out what’s on your list and plan your kitchen for it all!

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