Left or Right – a kitchen design tip for dishwasher placement

Posted 5 years ago by Jim Grace

Left or Right? Which side is best for you?

When planning a kitchen, there are so many decisions to make…from little things like the location of cabinet hardware to bigger, more functional questions like where to locate the dishwasher.

Which side of the sink you locate your dishwasher on is actually a matter of efficiency and safety. The correct placement will make working in your kitchen more convenient and efficient. The scientific word for this is ergonomics.

Typically, this would mean that a dishwasher should be located on the left for a right handed person (and vice-versa for a lefty, of course). Why? When cleaning your dishes, a right handed person would stand at the sink holding a plate in their left hand so that they can scrape or wipe with their dominate right hand, then reach with their left to place it in the dishwasher. No twisting or turning your body to load!

Not sure? That’s not a surprise since we all do this every day without even thinking about it! Stand at your own sink and give it a try. Use this information as you consider your next kitchen, or maybe even a bar you are considering, to locate your dishwasher in the place where it will function best for you.

By Debbie Williams