The Grateful Dead only called for a "Touch of Grey"...

Like the Grateful Dead, the color Grey has enjoyed a "dedicated" following but was never much for the popular mainstream...until now. The popularity of grey in the kitchen has skyrocketed, growing 266% in usage since 2010 according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2012 Kitchen & Bath Style Report. But for many, choosing between white and grey is a difficult final choice when it comes to color in the kitchen. Here are some pros and cons to each:


• PROS: crisp, clean and bright; glazes offer some warmth to; can go with any colors you put in the kitchen

• CONS: shows dirt; can feel like a cold or sterile environment


• PROS: various shades in palette and variety of finish looks for warmth; great tie-in with stainless steel appliances

• CONS: will it go out of style, will other colors in my kitchen work as well with it as white would

With the right questions and planning, you just may be able to get the same warmth from a white kitchen. But many today feel that grey offers warmth to a space that white colors often lacked the ability to offer. Maybe Jerry & the Dead said it best though...

"Oh well a touch of grey, kinda suits you anyway. That is all I had to say, if it's all right."

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