Top Kitchen Desires!

Kitchen Ideas & Kitchen Desires

What are your top kitchen desires?

Forget wants and needs for a second and let’s talk about desires. Specifically, what you desire in your kitchen. Is it a simple, functional upgrade or is it something more personal or exotic?

Wondering if your kitchen desires match others? Here is a listing of the top kitchen desires we keep hearing about from our clients:

• Creating and maximizing storage that is unique to the user

• Drawers with customized storage for plates, utensils, etc.

• Integrated appliances

• Clean lines

• Molding & decorative ornamentation

• Painted finishes, largely in whites or grays

• Inset doors

• Soft closing doors and drawers

• Exotic woods

What do you desire for your kitchen? Connect the right desires to your kitchen and you create a space that is efficient…and exciting!

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