What would a bathroom designer put in their own bathroom? My top 5 wishes…

Claw-footed Soaking Tub


Last month I shared my personal top 5 things I would want in my own kitchen. Now I put on my bathroom designer hat and turn my attention to my personal getaway space...the bathroom. Here is what I must have. My top 5:

1) A roomy shower – there is nothing worse than a shower that is so small you have to get out to pick up a dropped bar of soap!

2) A hand held shower head – this is a must! Not only does it enhance your shower experience, it makes rinsing the walls after cleaning a breeze.

3) Taller height vanity cabinets - at 34.5" tall not only is it much more comfortable to use (think less bending at the sink), it also adds storage capacity below.

4) Dimmer switches - particularly on the main light. No one wants to be blinded by a full on bright light in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

5) A claw footed soaking tub – placed in a private nook with a view, it’s my escape. Lovely!

You don’t need a bathroom designer to tell you how nice it is to start your day in a beautiful space. But we can help you make the most of that space, whether through function or a little extra fun.

By Debbie Williams

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