Cleaner air in the kitchen? We’ll “plant” 4 ideas on you!

As the grip of snow and winter continues into March, we have had little to no chance to open up windows and air things out (except for maybe this past weekend!). As spring fever rages in all of us and our kitchen clings to every smell and odor imaginable, we do have a few options to freshen up the air in your kitchen. A recent NASA clean air study uncovered a number of common household plants that help purify the air by removing airborne chemicals and fending off allergens. Here are 4 houseplants to help “air” out your kitchen...and your home:

1) The Peace Lily

AIR: eliminates air-borne toxins such as formaldehyde and ammonia

CARE: medium indirect sunlight and watering roughly once a week

BE AWARE: plant is toxic to cats and dogs

2) The Spider Plant

AIR: eliminates airborne toxins such as formaldehyde and xylene

CARE: tough plant that is great for beginners – tolerant of most indirect sunlight and variety of temperatures

BE AWARE: is best located near kitchen or fireplace where carbon monoxide can accumulate

3) The Boston Fern

AIR: a non-toxic, natural humidifier

CARE: indirect sunlight and moist soil at all times

BE AWARE: difficult to grow

4) The Gerbera Daisy

AIR: non-toxic plant that removes most toxins from the air

CARE: partial sunlight and a moist soil bed while in bloom, slightly drier soil when not

BE AWARE: location is key for plant to thrive – at least 6 hours of daily sunlight

A few houseplants can go a long way to freshening up the air in your kitchen and your home! Don't wait for spring!

By Jim Grace

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