Do you like it spicy in the kitchen?

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Options for Spices

Pullouts, Racks & Risers...oh my!

Storing spices in the kitchen can be a challenge and leave you “cayenne” over the best place for them. You want them near you while you cook and you want to be able to pick out the one you want easily. What to do? What to do?

Most cabinet companies have pull out type kitchen cabinets – both wall and base that can accommodate cooking spices and oils. These are great and can help make finding just what you need easy and fast.

Other options include:

Racks made to go inside drawers. These are great because everything is laid out on an angle so that you can read every label. The downside is that all the bottles have to be the same size.

Risers made to sit inside your wall cabinet. They work just like choir risers putting each row slightly higher than the one in front so you can see everything in the back as well as the front.

Lazy susans are great too. You can get these in many sizes and materials. You can also get them after market and place them anywhere your secret spicy heart desires.

By LindaRose Payne

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