Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Trick & Treat your Kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories that do the trick!

It’s Halloween. That time of year when drop way too much money on costumes, candy, decorations and more and then wonder what happened as we emerge from a self-induced sugar coma. And a Friday night Halloween? You may as well just pack it in for the weekend right now.

But what if you scaled back on the candy and costumes and put that money towards something else….that’s right, kitchen cabinet accessories. The right kitchen cabinet accessories can be just the “trick” to organize your kitchen and “treat” you to a better and more efficient experience in the kitchen.

“Witch” ones are our favorite, you ask? Here are a few:

1. Storing Pots and Pans – some of us have a devil of a time keeping pots, pans and their corresponding lids organized. Two deep drawer cabinet with built in roll out trays or a base pots and pans storage cabinet are both options that can easily organize the most tangled assortment of cooking items.

2. Base Corner Swing out Shelves – nothing is more haunting than a blind corner cabinet. Make the most of the space with easily accessed swing out shelf and roll trays that allow you to reach everything without getting down on your knees with the flashlight every time.

3. Pull out Storage Cabinets – whether you need store spices for your favorite “witches brew” or you just want a space to organize trash and recycling, pull out storage cabinets offer plenty of option. Narrower storage cabinets are perfect for spices and cooking accessories, while larger storage cabinets can easily handle trash, recycling or both!

4. Tilt out Sink Trays and door caddies – don’t let sponges, soaps and towels start “goblin” up space on and around your countertops. Keep the area neat and clean with a well hidden tilt out sink tray and door caddies that can be easily installed on the inside of a sink base cabinet door.

Don’t go through the motions like a zombie trapped in an unorganized kitchen. Adding the right kitchen cabinet accessories can trick and treat you and your kitchen for many years to come!

By Jim Grace

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