Kitchen cabinet pantry options to help you avoid your own Hunger Games

Posted by Jim Grace

All you Katniss Everdeen fans are more excited than ever with today's release of Mockingjay Part I, the third installment in The Hunger Games movie series. And while those Hunger Games offer up a much different type of challenge, the Hunger Games we face every day...those frenzied moments of feeding ourselves, our families, friends, kids soccer teams, holiday guests and more can challenge even the most sophisticated of cooks.

To help you avoid you own Hunger Games, we've put together some our favorite kitchen pantry ideas to help you find food or put together meals quicker than ever for your “district”.

A kitchen pantry to avoid your own Hunger Games

Base Filler pantry pullout– this tidy little pantry accessory can turn a dead space into a spice place! Replace a filler with this small pull out as a great place to store spices and other cooking ingredients near your cooking or food prep space.

Base Pantry pullout– offering more width than a base filler pantry, base pantry pull out storage cabinets offer more flexibility to store your spices, cooking oils and other cooking ingredients.

Base Multi-pantry storage– organize and store more food than you could imagine in a multi-storage pantry. With swing out shelves and storage on both sides and behind, you can easily organize and access what you need.

Tall Pantry Pullout– a tall version of the base pantry pullout, you can organize the same items or use it as a place to stock your soups, pastas or your favorite snacks. The pullout is accessible on both sides for easy access for more than one person.

Tall Multi-storage pantry– go all out with the multi-storage pantry. A larger version of its base only counterpart, its vast options for storage and organization would leave Ceasar Flickerman smiling.

The right pantry can help you avoid the panic of your own Hunger Games and get all your family, friends and more well fed. Avoid your kids engaging in what seems like a fight to the death with well placed food and baking items to help you get food on the table. Now, who knows where Peeta stored the bread...

By Jim Grace

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