Over or Under? The Great Toilet Paper debate rolls on…

Over or Under...which was does your toilet paper roll

A quick search of the internet tells you that this is no ordinary topic. Over 83 million results in Google. Wikipedia discussions that more than double the discussion length of far more newsworthy events and topics. Endless visual images and data. With studies that show we use approximately 15 billion rolls of toilet paper a year in the U.S. alone, we could wrap the Earth 40 times (now that’s getting tee-peed!).

So once you’ve designed and completed your bathroom remodel….or you’ve just run out of toilet paper, recognize that a big decision looms…will you take the over or the under with the placement of your toilet paper roll?

The arguments come from top and bottom. The “over” crowd cites a more natural flow that is easier to find and tear off the end. The “under” crowd will talk of a cleaner appearance and fewer chances that a small child, a cat or other pet may easily unravel.

Let’s not even take a (s)wipe at vertical styles or more custom solutions. Whether it is your next bathroom remodel or just your next roll of toilet paper, will you take the over or the under? Let the betting begin!

By Jim Grace

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