Renovation Challenge? Here are top 5...and how to beat them!

Every remodeling or renovation project brings challenges. Let me repeat that. Every remodeling or renovation project brings challenges. Whether it is a kitchen, a bathroom or any room of the house you can expect something along the way that will test your will, resolve and desire to pursue your project. In some cases you can beat them and in others you just have to join them. To help you "beat them" more than "join them", we've put together some tips on how to overcome the top 5 renovation challenges based on a recent survey from Houzz.

Beat each Renovation Challenge with these tips

Renovation Challenge #1: Finding the right products – most of us will be new to kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling since the average consumer only does this only 1-2 times in their lifetime. Your best resources to getting started – the internet and friends or family who have recently remodeled. Check out what is available and what others have done to see not only what you like but just as important what you don’t like! Another tip – ask a lot of questions…to all the friends, family members and professionals you meet and speak with along the way.

Renovation Challenge #2: Defining my style – yes, you have a design style! We just need to put a name to it. Are you traditional? Modern? What does Transitional mean? A great resource is Houzz where you can see endless pictures. Look for the tags being used to describe the pictures and start searching on words you see coming up repeatedly as you hone in on your preferred style.

Renovation Challenge #3: Making decisions with my spouse or partner - hmmm, let’s are about to tear up one of the most important rooms in your house and spend a considerable amount of money in the process. If that does not sound stressful, I don’t know what does. Sit down with your partner ahead of time and talk about the process, what you expect to happen and when you need to work together. It should be ongoing throughout. What to avoid – having one partner come in at the last minute and question everything, from the cost to every decision made by their partner. Trust us, it happens.

Renovation Challenge #4: Staying on schedule – remember saying for better or for worse? Well, while no one hopes for the worst, there is no telling what can happen on a remodeling project when you get behind walls or fully customize a cabinet or countertop. Create a schedule with your designer, contractor and anyone else involved in the project. Key question to ask your professionals – based on your experience, what do you see in my project that might concern you and possibly impact the schedule we have?

Renovation Challenge #5: Educating myself – similar to the answers in challenge #1, the best ways to educate yourself are via the internet and speaking with friends and family who have remodeled. You can learn about everything – products, processes, costs, timelines, you name it. The more you ask, the more you will know.

So, now you have the inside track on how to overcome the top renovation challenges. Put them to good use. It will take time and effort but the result could be the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams and an experience that you can’t help but share and pay forward.

By Jim Grace

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