The tear out of your old kitchen? Be ready for a Sharknado of emotions!

Imagine it. Flying sharks. Everywhere. No one is safe. The terror would be overwhelming, not to mention completely illogical given that killer sharks can only fly in Sharknado movies. And while the media world gears up for Sharknado 2, for those remodeling a kitchen there is one thing you absolutely must be ready to deal with….a sharknado of emotions!

A Sharknado of Emotions awaits

Now, we’re not talking about flying sharks in your kitchen (or bathroom for that matter, though I would give the tub a quick check just to make sure the water’s clear before you get in next time). But the emotion one can feel when they see their old kitchen being torn out, torn up and generally torn upside down may have you feeling like you are in the middle of your own Sharknado movie.

No matter how old or dated that kitchen might be, those cabinets and countertops have absorbed the laughs, the tears, the perfect meals, the culinary disasters and so much more. It is like saying goodbye to a family member. You are as gutted as your kitchen.

But trust me when I say it gets better. Quick. That pain is quickly replaced with excitement and anticipation as you watch the new cabinets go in, then the appliances, new kitchen countertops, lighting, hardware…you get the picture. And all of sudden you find yourself welcoming this new “member” to the family and ready to make a whole new set of memories.

So, be prepared for that Sharknado of emotions. If Ian Ziering and Tara Reid can survive long enough to make a Sharknado sequel, you can no doubt survive and enjoy your new kitchen.

By Jim Grace

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