5 cabinet accessories you could buy instead of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight

I’m a lover and not a fighter. I would not even classify myself as a boxing fan, as proven by the fact that the last fight I really remember watching was when Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas (could that really be almost 25 years ago?). But even I have to admit that the hype of this Saturday’s Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight is starting to get to me. It has become one of the most anticipated fights in the history of boxing. Everything about this fight is quickly falling into the “record-breaking” category, from ticket prices to audiences, payouts and more.

So when I saw that pay-per-view cost for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight was set at a new all-time pay per view high of $99.99, the non-boxing fan in me started to dominate the inner conversation as I asked myself “what else could I do with $100?” Being the kitchen guy that I am, I started thinking about some kitchen cabinet accessories I could buy for the same price or less that the $100 price tag for the fight.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories to punch up any kitchen

So, in order to help others who find themselves in a similar predicament over this and would prefer to avoid a quick $100 pay-per-view punch to the gut, I’m coming out swinging with 5 kitchen cabinet accessories from Merillat that can punch up your kitchen for years to come:

ROUND 1: 18” Cutlery Divider ($22 estimated cost before tax)
Keep your drawers neatly organized with a cutlery divider. Everything from silverware to odds and ends can be neatly arranged. 18" cutlery dividers fit both 18" and 36" wide cabinets (36” requires 2) or can be cut down for 15" and 30" wide cabinets (30" requires 2 as well).

ROUND 2: 12-18” Door Spice Rack ($36 estimated cost before tax)
Get extra storage space in your wall cabinets with a solid wood door spice rack installed on the backside of your cabinet door. Herbs, spices, baking decorations and even small containers can be organized and neatly tucked away.

ROUND 3: Utility Tray Kit ($34 estimated cost before tax)
Keep your sink clear of clutter with this plastic tilt out sink tray kit. Conveniently store soap, sponges and scouring pads out-of-sight on the backside of your sink base drawer front. Counter punch tip – don’t forget hardware if you choose to punch up your sink base with this accessory.

ROUND 4: 18” Foil Box Rack ($37 estimated cost before tax)
Make the most of the space in a 36” sink base cabinet with a white, epoxy coated wire foil box rack. Installed to the back of the door of your cabinet, it offers organized storage for foils, wraps, sandwich bags, trash bags and more.

ROUND 5: Chrome Sliding Towel Bar ($56 estimated cost before tax)
Designed for use in sink base cabinets, this slide towel bar is mounted to the inside of the cabinet and keeps keep dish towels neatly under the sink and out of the way until you need them, with 3 extending bars for easy access and sufficient storage.

Every cabinet manufacturer offers similar kitchen cabinet accessories at mostly comparable prices, so the options to punch up your own kitchen with 1 or more new kitchen cabinet accessories are plentiful. Whether you are a lover or a fight, it is up to you to decide which “punch” you want to take.

By Jim Grace

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