School daze? 5 reasons why starting a kitchen remodeling project is better!

It’s that time of year again. The end of summer brings a familiar feeling to many homes. Which is why we are convinced that starting a kitchen remodeling project is so much better than getting into “back to school” mode. Its’ flurry of new clothes, fancy supplies, new bus stops and routes, paperwork and early morning routines can completely disorient the entire family. We’re only a few days (or weeks) in but most have already had enough of this school daze.

kitchen remodeling or back to school?

Your new classroom?

Need to snap out of it? Here are 5 reasons why starting a kitchen remodeling project this fall just might be the distraction you need.

•NO early mornings! - Yup, school starts early. A new school year brings new morning routines that can disrupt the balance of even the best of families. Planning a kitchen remodeling project can be done at any time, often at your leisure without the worry of any early morning sirens.

•NO car lines! - The Who said they “can see for miles and miles”, which makes you think they were in a car line of their own. When planning your kitchen remodeling project, come to the showroom and forget the long lines. Just park and come right in!

•NO homework! - Well, not entirely true but if we are being honest…if your kitchen remodeling project is focused on creating your dream kitchen, can that really be considered homework?

•NO cafeteria food! - Just forget about this one altogether. You’ll be selecting appliances that will turn every meal in your kitchen into something special.

•NO report cards! - The student becomes the teacher and while you don’t get one, you do get to give one! This is your kitchen remodeling project. You’re the evaluator and every grade matters to us and everyone on the project.

The reality is that neither situation is going to be at all like High School Musical. But unlike your school daze, a successfully completed kitchen remodeling project might just have you singing, dancing, cooking, hanging out and having fun with your whole family. Remember, we’re all in this together…

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