Survey says...Reico should advertise more?

We survey every retail customer who makes a purchase at Reico Kitchen & Bath, be it one cabinet or a whole kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project. We care and it is important for us to learn as much as we can about every customer experience, good or bad, to help improve the future experiences of new (and some current) customers.

Recently we received a very enthusiastic survey from clients of our Reico Kitchen & Bath showroom in Annapolis, MD. In addition to receiving the highest score in every category, the clients had this to say about their experience and what they would have done different:

Survey says Reico should advertise more

“Not have waited so long to do this project. I also learned that trying to use internet cabinet discounters to save money is, in my experience, just a complete myth. Most cabinets come drop shipped to your driveway and unassembled. I have recommended you to friends considering remodeling projects and warned them about the internet myth. Personally, I was surprised that not one company I found on line could match your price or the total service package provided. You may actually want to consider some type of advertising saying give us a chance before ordering to see what our total services provide and cost.”

Wow! Who wouldn’t love getting this survey? Nicole Brown sure did. Nicole is branch manager of Reico's Annapolis, MD showroom and after over 9 years with the company, this was the very first retail survey she ever received. Said Nicole, “This is truly my first survey ever and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing they had a wonderful experience. I have a big smile on my face.”

The truth is we don’t advertise a lot. Instead, we are continuously looking at the customer experience and how we can improve on it and make it something even more special. That is our real focus. We know that there are opportunities to always do a little better (or a lot better in some cases). But we’re always working on it. We care and want to make sure the customer has a positive experience that exceeds their expectations. And if along the way we happen to be the best value AND the best price, even better.

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