Appliances and Kitchen Remodeling: 3 basics you must consider

When it comes to kitchen remodeling and designing your new space, your kitchen appliances should be given very special consideration. Appliances are often considered the “jewelry” of the kitchen, adding to the look, style and performance of your space. Often times you will select your appliances first (or very early on) in the kitchen design process so the rest of your design can be created around the specific appliances you have chosen. To help you get started in that process, here are 3 basic things you need to know when it comes to appliances and kitchen remodeling:

1. Consider how you use your current appliances, what is working and what may be missing.

      When thinking about appliances, it is essential to think about what is most important to you in your kitchen so you can select the appliances that best suits your needs. Consider these questions to get started:


      • How many are you cooking for in the family?
      • How many cooks are there?
      • What type of cooking do you do?
      • How often do you purchase groceries?
      • Is time savings important to you?
      • Do you want your appliances to match?

2. Identify the appliances you know you must have and the type.

      This is pretty obvious, but it is more than just the actual appliance itself. Besides dishwashers, almost every appliance has a variety of types to consider. Here are a few examples:


      • Refrigerator: Free-standing, Counter-depth, Built-in
      • Range: Free-standing, Slide-in
      • Oven: Single, Double, Microwave Combination
      • Cooktop: Gas, Electric, Induction
      • Ventilation: Hood, Downdraft

3. Understand and consider additional appliances that complete your kitchen design.

      The options in appliances has never been greater or more far-reaching and can help you redefine your own kitchen experience. Here are a few appliances that might just move from your “wish list” to your “must have” list:


    • Wine Storage
    • Under counter Refrigerator
    • Coffee System
    • Steam Oven
    • Warming Drawer
    • Speed Oven/Microwave

Taking time to consider the role appliances will play in your kitchen and/or extended space is a critical starting point to any successful kitchen design and kitchen remodeling project. By understanding all the appliance options available you can design a kitchen that performs to your exact needs, whether it is a cozy dinner for two or a big family get together where you want everything to still be warm when you sit down to eat.

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